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Food recipes for dogs with digestive problems

If you have a dog with digestive problems, whether it is a disease of the liver, gall bladder, bowel or any other segment of the digestive system, it is important that food be given to diet, at least until the problem is solved and sometimes, depending on the seriousness of the problem throughout life.

In trade there are special food for dogs with digestive problems, but often too expensive for our pocket and therefore we have to try to find the appropriate method for feeding dog food to home cooking. Unfortunately, without solid knowledge of canine nutrition is hard homemade food to be complete in terms of nutrients, so to ensure a balanced diet, can vary dog ​​menu using a variety of recipes easy to prepare, who will appreciate the taste and that will solve the problem of reconciliation diet with nutrients.

Some general rules

A dog's digestive problems will receive food low in fat, high in fiber you can digest, vitamins, fruit and a minimum protein intake. Therefore, the composition of dietary food rations will take into account the following proportions:

45% fiber (from cereals);
35% vegetables;
20% foods that contain protein (meat, dairy, egg).
As usual dog eating healthy, avoid bread and potatoes, which are indigestible and usually responsible for the majority of dog digestive problems due to food (dog saliva contains a small amount of ptialina, enzyme that helps digest starch). It is recommended that one third of dog food to be composed of whole grains (oatmeal, corn flakes, wheat grass, boiled rice, barley, polenta and with caution, well cooked and drained pasta water), which compensate fiber needs and helps digestion.

Add to ration vegetables cooked or raw animal if you accept: carrots, lettuce. Also, apples are shown, because they contain vitamins and are easily digestible.

Meat (chicken, no bones, or cow) should be given boiled, it is best to avoid dog food mixed in digestive juice resulting from boiling meat, because it contains fat and collagen and their digestion require liver. Dairy, especially cheese, must be low (not recommended cottage cheese, but in small quantities and desarata) - recommended fresh cheese, buttermilk and yogurt. Manages boiled eggs and a small amount once a week is enough.


Ingredients cooked leave to cool in advance; served raw ingredients are removed from the refrigerator and allow time to reach room temperature.


Cereal with yogurt

Whole grains contain enough vitamins and other nutrients that it compensate the lack of vegetables, so, in yogurt or buttermilk conbinatie are healthy, and appreciated by the dog.

Ingredients: 40% whole grains, oatmeal or 40% corn, 20% yogurt / buttermilk.

Place cereal in a bowl, if you require boiling, boil. Mix yogurt or buttermilk cereals and allow 10-15 minutes to soften. Stir in oatmeal or corn ration immediately before serving to soften not - so, by completeness crisp, clean teeth are dog.

Pasta with cheese and yogurt

Contain more starch pasta - so it is recommended to be taken with caution, however well cooked and boiled water rinsed well under running water.

Ingredients: pasta, cooked and drained 40% water, 10% cheese desarata race, 30% poor crushed cheese, 20% yogurt / buttermilk

Mix pasta with cottage cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt and serve dog, hot or cold.

Boiled rice cereal, cheese and egg

Rice is easily digested and nutritious food, can be used as a basic regular dog food problems. Wheat and barley, sprouted, are an excellent source of vitamins.

Ingredients: rice cooked and drained 40% water (water boiling rice constipated!), 20% whole grains, cooked (or barley / wheat grass, given in a boiling) 30% lean cheese, chopped boiled egg 10%

Mix rice cereal, cheese and egg. Serve at room temperature or warm.

Rice cooked with oatmeal / corn, carrots and chicken meat
Ingredients: 35% water drained boiled rice, boiled chicken 25%, 20% carrot, 20% oatmeal / corn. Optional (depending on the sensitivity of the dog), a cup of chicken broth (water that boiled meat).

Boil the rice and meat separately. Rice water flows over the meat falls off the bones and finely grind. Mix rice with meat and grated raw carrot flakes given. It can be used to homogenize the mixture, one cup of chicken broth.

Boiled rice cereal, carrots and beef

Beef is the Senate and is quite easy to digest, if your dog's diet does not require a very low protein intake and if the meat comes from a trusted source, boil only half the amount of meat, the rest should be ground and add the mixed raw.

Ingredients: rice cooked and drained 35% water, cooked grains 25%, 30% beef, 10% boiled carrots, boiled water with carrots (about a cup).

Boil the rice, meat, carrots (in water), separately. Rice water drain, mix with shredded beef with carrots and mashing, the mixture is smooth with a cup of boiled water with carrots (to preserve nutrients, boil in water for some time, how can be passed).