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Beak problems in birds


A bird uses its beak for many purposes, from battles with rivals to the care and feeding. Beak may be a combination of power and sensitivity, strong enough to crack a coconut but delicate enough to clean a grape.

There are several kinds of beaks depending on bird species:
- Powerful looking to hook specific parrot, feeding the plants with hard shell;
- Short and straight, for birds such as canaries, which feed mainly on seeds;
- Long and thin, for birds that feed on nectar.

One of the signs is the health of the birds beak is inaripatei. If the bird's beak causes discomfort in any way when you try to avoid using winged it in various purposes. A healthy mouth should have a symmetrical form, is not peeling, discolored areas have not, have the proper length and the two sides of the beak to be aligned correctly.

Beak of a bird may have overly high top. For some birds is normal for the beak too long to be cut. Other winged beak length control their own food eating countries, chewing toys or rubbing his beak an abrasive surface. An excessively high bill may be the result of health problems such as trauma, abnormal development, nutritional imbalance or liver disease.

Treatment of such problems is to cut excess pads. Excessively high bill is similar to a nail too high, meaning that additional clipping will cause the animal pain. If your bird has the beak grew too much, it's best to call a vet bill to cut the normal size. Such intervention is short and does not require anesthesia bird. Do not try to cut the bird's beak alone, if you have no experience. If the beak is cut too short, the bird will feel pain, the wound will bleed and winged will have difficulty feeding.


Scissors-shaped beak is an incorrect alignment of the two sides of the beak. This problem develops in the growth of the bird and is more common in cockatoos and parrots Macaw. It is believed that the bill is incorrect alignment due to improper temperature during artificial incubation or incorrect feeding techniques. Other possible causes include trauma, lack of calcium or viral infections and microbacteriene.

Treatment varies depending on the severity of the problem and bird age. The young birds with only a small deviation, simple pressure applied daily for a few minutes, will correct the problem. If the older birds or those with severe deviations, there may be need surgery for the introduction of acrylic prosthesis.

Mandibular undershot mouth occurs when the upper part of the beak tip lies within the mandible. This health problem is most common in parrots. Undershot mouth causes are unknown, but may be genetic defects, improper incubation or feeding techniques of hand owner. As with "bill-scissors" undershot mouth treatment differs
Depending on the severity and age of bird. The young birds are simply applying sufficient pressure and for birds whose beak has calcified will use an acrylic prosthesis.

Beak of a bird may be affected after a conflict with another bird, chewing or tapping wire during flight. Any of these incidents can result in fractures, bites or even lift off the bill. The beak often causes bleeding wounds, to be stopped quickly. Wounds should be cleaned with antibiotics. Bill has nerve endings and pain of an injury can cause the bird to refuse to eat.

The beak is very important for overall health of the bird. Any bird owner must follow state inaripatei beak to sense the occurrence of cracks, excessive growth or discoloration. It is also essential that the veterinarian be consulted for any possible problems you might have bird beak. Bird toys that can fruits are great for maintaining a healthy mouth.