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Consider age of the parrot when you want to addopt him


Because most parrots live for many years, the opportunity to choose whether you become the owner of a chicken or mature birds. Be aware that there are differences in behavior between young and adult parrots. That parrot chicks are attached more than their adoptive family than a mature tree is just a myth. Parrots are very adaptable animals and appreciate anyone who offers affection, besides food and care.

An adult parrot brought in a house can get to and cherish the new owners. On the other hand, a mature bird with behavioral problems may not feel their caregivers never too close and I can even sites. However, these situations have more than neacomodare how the bird was cared for by former owners of older and less bird.

Baby parrot

Young parrots are very nice and are quite persuasive in trying to find a home. Unfortunately, the behavior is nothing like the offspring of mature birds. You must be aware that adorable baby becomes an adult and display species-typical behavior to which it belongs.

Never buy a baby parrot is still dependent on the feeding syringe, especially if you have experience in providing food of a bird that can not feed themselves. There is always danger of asphyxiation baby parrot to accidentally when fed him with the syringe.


Parrots mature

A parrot is considered mature when they can reproduce. Bird passed juvenile period and has already formed personality. Keep track of how old parrot species can live. If you bought a bird breed Great Alexander aged 10 years, will they still enjoy the company about seven decades, if that is taken care of properly.

In the wild, parrots leave their parents after they reach adulthood. In captivity, many parrots fed with syringe must be removed by those who gave them food and would prefer another family member. So natural behaviors will cause some mature birds to attach more than other people than they have increased.

Parrots old

An old parrot is in the last third of life. There is no reason not to adopt a parrot with age. Indeed, personality is largely formed bird until it reaches old age. However, if you accept the parrot character, you may find the bird a good friend, even if you had nothing to do with increasing inaripatei.