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Choosing first pet birds

For those who make little effort to document before choosing a bird as a pet, holding a winged can be a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Future owners of pet birds must make informed choices because to avoid situations in which both animal and owner will suffer.

Some people think to buy for the first time a bird as a pet are captivated by the large and colorful parrots. And who can argue? The truth is that these birds are too much for an owner "novice". Usually, the bigger the bird the greater the effort to care for it. Large birds can be exceptional companions but most times, are noisy, dirty and more demanding than their smaller sisters. If you want first bird species and do not know exactly what suits you, it's best to start with a small winged. These birds are generally easy to maintain, are tame and are quite fast enough to provide independent owner from time to time, a moment of silence.

When choosing a bird must consider the temperament of the animal. Do you want a bird that is eager to get out of the cage and prefer to socialize or a pet who likes to be seen but not touched? Way related to your bird will be an important factor that will dictate the quality of life will be with the animal handler. It should be borne in mind that different species of birds have different temperaments and that should be consulted before purchasing as many sources as animal about to make the best choice. Also, some birds have special needs regarding diet, exercise daily and socialization.

For those who decide to buy first pet birds there is a list of the recommended species. This list is open for parakeets. These little birds are cheerful, likes to play and explore areas that are kept. Although they enjoy human company, are quite independent perusii. If you want to create a special relationship with your budgerigar birds should avoid buying another because perusii will lose enthusiasm about people when in the company of other winged.



Next on the list are parrots nymph. Most of these birds have a calm temperament and are known for their curiosity. You can attach strongly to their owners and can be very affectionate. Most parrots are quite intelligent nymph and very sociable. These birds love to interact with their owners and can mimic a few words, but most prefer to whistle and imitate sounds they hear around them, and bells on the door or phone. If they are cared for properly, can become excellent companion parrots nymph.

Canaries are animals very suitable for those who want to buy first bird as a pet. Most canaries are quite shy and to other birds, can not stand or manually. These birds like to follow their master in a cage large enough safety, allowing them to fly. Although short stature of canaries could recommend as perfect for families with young children, these birds are very fragile and it is hoped soon so life with children can be quite risky for these animals.