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Sterilization of Cats - Article by Camelia Murgocea


Nonsense like "a cat really needs to be put before castration" or "God wants, I have to leave the right to breed" we have heard often, sometimes even from the mouth veterinarian. The various dissertations on the right of procreation of the cat or explanations like "I put on her house to fill my living toy" does not denote anything other than the lack of responsibility when it comes to cats that do not belong to any race (not speak for those who have transmissible genetic defects such as deafness, bone deformities, etc..) and whose baby will find, so hard, my lord. Given that the streets are so much oppressed of fate, evil souls who fall prey daily to our peers or are victims of traffic accidents, it seems cruel for someone to want to increase their number. Sure, most people do without intention, believing that owners will find offspring born under their roof, without thinking that the gesture done deal - perhaps - the place that you could have one of thousands of chickens killed by stray dying cold, disease and hunger in the streets.

There are cat owners who believe that their female is a pleasure to make chicken when in fact, fit, gestation, parturition and lactation are stressors, pain and physical exhaustion. Equally bad are the owners informed tomcats who think it's absolutely necessary to "make and a pleasure boy" with a stubbornly incomprehensible looking through the classifieds, "wives" for their boys. Results? After brief moments of satisfaction of the "boys" (amounting to a few seconds!) Will follow for owners of tomcats periods of sleeplessness due to male callings left of "love" will be surprised to find every day a new corner of the house marked "master territory "and will see with astonishment that it weakens by the day, as many will administer vitamin supplements. Those who live at court, whose cats have access and outside the home, will have other "joys" of their tomcats returning home with serious wounds with torn ears or eyes removed after fighting with other species of virile.

Probably many of you have had requests from friends like "mate your cat, I want a baby to her," finding them all, when chicken was available, all kinds of excuses to refuse. Most of those who received the gift of a baby, after a few nights in which they could not sleep for mieunaturile it or after you broke over the stained glass wonder that it had "so many years," choose - in the best case! - To bring the baby back. Others, however, we are present on or, after a while, put it into the street.

Some of those who adopt a cat are under the impression that this is an asexual body and the tragedy begins when, after the age of 6-9 months, the female comes into heat. Follow sleepless nights - both for owners and their neighbors - followed, in most cases, the worst possible choice: stop the hormonal treatments using heat! Inconstientii cat owners as their subject of another risk: pyometra, uterine puroierea ie, disease requiring emergency surgery involving castration, refused surgery, until that time, the owner. Pyometra does not avoid any females who have had chicken, those are often affected more than seven years, which is why even the most valuable breed cats are sterilized after this age.

Also from a certain age, females may develop cysts in the ovaries or uterus, mammary tumors, and males - prostate hyperplasia, serious problems that can be easily prevented through sterilization surgery.



Other advantages are that it offers castration surgery will have a strong influence on the nature of cats, making them more calm copies, more loving than before, that will stop the tendency to mark territory, aggressive males who live under the same roof and also their strong smell of urine, seizures powerful females in heat, etc. periods.

If the owner will have the wisdom to opt for sterilization companion, it's good to know that in case of females, it is preferable that it be done before the first heat cycle, that is around the age of 7-8 months ( research in recent years have revealed that before the first heat sterilization practiced by 80% reduced risk of mammary tumors, in addition, it eliminated the risk of postoperative weight gain). It's not a problem even if it is later, with the proviso that should a doctor be required ovariohysterectomy - removal of both ovaries and uterus.

In males, the optimal age castration opinions are divided. Most doctors believe that orchidectomy should be done after the age of one year, the age at which sexual organs are fully developed, therefore urethral diameter is larger and will not be obstructed at the first signs of developing lithiasis - a major problem males, hard to avoid most times and that is both neutered and those of others, without distinction (though it is believed that the operation would have an influence on this issue, the truth is that food plays the most important role as genetic predisposition). Other doctors ignore the possibility of recommending male castration before puberty, so that secondary sexual behavior is not already tested and installed (from personal experience but know that the vast majority of males lose their bad habits in a few weeks after surgery).

A side effect - it is true, rarely seen - is that urinary incontinence after surgery animals acquire some of castration, the problem can be easily kept under control by proper medication. Another disadvantage, often brought up when speaking of sterilization, is the tendency of animal fat. This is easy to avoid, knowing that this trend exists only in the first few weeks (up to two months) after surgery, when the body goes through hormonal changes and when it's important enough to limit food intake or to provide Light a food specifically for cats spayed or tendency to weight gain.

So, when wisdom will encourage you to look at owning a pet as a great responsibility and when, finally, you will decide to call the veterinarian for sterilization, do not hesitate to ask him if he will try his present belief that female old must make chicken twice before castration, specify for who is better: for the cat and owner in any way!