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Cornish Rex

A Cornish Rex is striking in that it has a wavy short hair and faces and facial expressions reminiscent of the clowns always wondered.

Cornish Rex cats are very affectionate and love people. Aceeste cats kittens always remain - are very active and very inventive, devised new games each time. Among the few races who accept and even enjoy the crowd, Cornish Rex cats live intensely and exhibitions feline fun adventure. While other noise dislike cats, a Cornish Rex will look around with interest and curiosity, and very often will draw attention to playing in the cage and doing tricks, like a little "circus" or stretching each one paw through the bars for the pleasure and the curiosity to meet people. Intelligence Cornish Rex cat living is evident by the active interest shown to you all that is happening around.


The most interesting cat breed Cornish Rex is how he uses his paws as people use their hands, some cats Cornish Rex take their meals in this way grasping food and taking it to the mouth, others start throwing small objects and even toys using their paws. Give a Cornish Rex a piece of string and see how it comes into action! Its movements are a painter and her site can provide a perpetual topic of study - are lovely fluid, curved, sinuous, composed in dance, passing suddenly from almost bipedal posture on hind paws, the complicated jumps.



Cornish Rex same that flew gracefully through the air a few moments ago will be very happy to nest on the knees of his master, and better under his chin or on the shoulder. If you do not receive enough attention, a Cornish Rex will not hesitate to express their feelings and come to receive a consolation, if it is his desire, or to steal the master pen while he writes, if he wants attention.

Cornish Rex is a cat may look very delicate, but is actually surprisingly robust and require no special care. This cat appreciates the warmth, so winter will be as close to the radiator and will sleep all day summer sun. If the sun is very strong, it is advisable to apply a layer of lotion with sun protection factor Cornish Rex cat's ear, because they do not suffer burns.

Cornish Rex cats are gluttonous, so I will try just about anything, if they see their owner as drinking coffee, will be a bit of amateur cup to squelch it.

Because of curiosity and gentle temperament, Cornish Rex cats are strictly for cats living indoors.