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Mistakes made by new cat owners


Buying your first cat is more than just choosing a dear friend. Cats are not so independent as some people think you must be aware of some basics before you live with a cat.

Adopting a cat can bring more satisfaction to the animal but also responsibilities. Before you rush to get cute kitty in the window (a mistake in itself), try to document as well to avoid unpleasant situations. Your research results will be reflected in very good relationship that you have with your new pet. The following is a list of the most common mistakes people make when they decide to adopt a cat:

We decided on the spot

If you bought a coat and not suits you, you can throw away without too many headaches. But when you adopt a pet to make it part of your family, seriously complicate things. Adopting a cat is a commitment of time, so I think
seriously before taking such a decision.

Ignore the cost of a responsible owner

Adopting a cat can, to some extent, be compared with the adoption of a child. No adoption agency would not entrust a child to a person who is not financially prepared to give the boy or girl the best care. Most shelters and adoption groups do not make any investigation into the financial situation of people who want to adopt a pet.However, it is your responsibility to make sure the cat adopted the best living conditions.

Neglect the need for veterinary treatment

Even though cats can recover quickly from minor ailments, there are cases in which health problems can lead to animal death. Cats need certain vaccines (against calicivirosis, rabies and rhinotracheitis), annual examinations and certainly need
immediate professional intervention in emergencies. One of the priorities of a new cat owner is to find a vet who go in case of feline health issues.


Make choosing cheap food economy

Save money when buying cheap cat food you will pay tenfold in health care. Cats are carnivores and need animal protein. Many cat food manufacturers introduce and feed wheat because it is a cheap source of vegetable protein. Choose food for your cat according to the budget you have available, but do not put the economy before the pet health. You will find that the cat will eat less food quality found in it just because all the nutrients it needs.

Let the cat out free

Some people think that cats deserve freedom and fresh air outside. but there is limited evidence that cats can live long and healthy life indoors. When they are left open on the outside cats are exposed to many dangers, from car accidents to beat with other cats.

Neglected maintenance Sandbox

Cats will consistently use the sandbox, where it is kept clean. If you maintain permanent clean sandbox, the cat most likely will not have behavioral problems related to disposal. If your cat begins to urinate outside
Sandbox has been cleaned with the animal then you should go to a medical examination to identify probable urinary tract disorders.

Do not leave cat or cat

A cat is neither child nor dog. Their way to make some cats affectionate companions. On the other hand, some events can cause frustration cats do not understand the needs of owners. Cats look for high places and ways in which to sharpen claws on instinct, not because they are stubborn and naughty. If you have a cat, cat must respect the needs and means of looking for ways to not hurt the animal and to limit damage caused by it.