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When you live with several cats in the house

Cats are essentially independent and territorial animals. However, there are many cases in which a cat can enjoy the company of other cats. It is preferable to start with two cats in our house, because the introduction of cats in a home where another cat already lives require more time and attention.

If you feel ready to adopt more cats at a time, there are several ways to arrange your home to new residents. But if you already have a cat and you want another one, it takes a period of adjustment. Compared with younger cats, adjust mature with a hard life companion. The Lord must know how to ease the process of accommodation for both cats, regardless of the situation. However, if you have multiple cats, you should know that they are impossible to avoid confrontation and we must be prepared to intervene promptly.
First, you need to create a safe area, a separate space for the new cat (new cats), where water is found, a box of sand and toys. Feline behavior experts explain that, regardless of how the number of cats in the house has increased (or two once adopted or existing cat I bring a companion), the two animals need time to adjust to the new situation.
At first, the two cats have to smell but not see. It is better to give each cat a towel to stretch and then change the towels between them, after a few days. Once each of the cats had time to get used to the smell of the other, begin to feed them, separated by a closed door. Soon, the two cats will make a positive association between weight classes and the presence of other cats. After the cats seem to have accepted each other and eat quiet presence at the door, put them face to face for short periods, in order to create gradually a comfortable cohabitation.


When two or more cats have been introduced successfully in your home is very important to keep harmony both at home and in ... sandbox. According to statistics, inappropriate behavior in the sandbox is the leading cause for people to teach cats to shelters. If, after you have consulted with veterinary doctor, you have ruled out a medical cause for this behavior, we must consider the interactions of cats in the house. Feline behavior specialist, Linda Case, suggests that the stress of living with multiple cats can lead to inappropriate urination habits. The best way to avoid such problems is to make available for each cat each a box of sand, plus a spare. After the boxes are put in place established, follow the golden rule: Keep it clean.

Sandbox is just one example of attempts a person wants to live with several cats. Each cat should have toys, a bed and food and water bowls, that is only hers. You must ensure that there is a space where a cat can spend time alone. If you have cats of both sexes, is very important that they be sterilized, especially for females.