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The role of cats diet in intestinal tract health and intestinals inflammation

The role of cats diet in intestinal tract health and intestinals inflammation

School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis city, is one of the main scientific centers in studying feline nutrition. University of California discoveries have led to several changes in cat food formulas of trade. Despite many advances in terms of feeding cats, knowledge about the nutrient needs of the cats are still incomplete.
I have to bathe the cat - help!

I have to bathe the cat - help!

The cat is an animal who knows very well to wear care - a healthy cat and wash only does so well that her hair will always be clean. So, in general, the cat does not need the bathroom - in addition, we know that cats hate water!

However, there are situations where I have to make bathroom:
coat is very dirty (if, for example, the cat stayed outside);
fur is matted and uncombed (especially if you've just adopted a cat "ulitarnica"!)
cat dirt with a substance that can not remove one or toxic (motor oil - under a car, poison powder beetles etc.).
cat is heavily infest
Healthy food for your cat

Healthy food for your cat

Cat health can be seen - fur is thick, shiny, beautiful falling body, the hair is soft and pleasant to touch. A cat healthy food that will show the beauty of the coat. How healthy cat food?

There are still among cat owners believe that cats can eat absolutely anything - the residue left from the cutting of chicken meat to the table the remains of man - or, this is not true - cat food should not be composed solely of protein and, especially, is totally inadvisable to continue what meats contain condiments!