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Training & Behaviour

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How to apply correctly grasping the neck method

How to apply correctly "grasping the neck" method

One of the best ways to discourage unwanted behavior of cats is feline neck grasping the coat, because they resemble the manner in which their female offspring disciplines. A cat neck should be started only in special situations such as those in which the cat is aggressive towards people or other animals from the house.

This method is much better than using a water pistol when the cat is sprayed is inappropriate behavior. Choosing the latter, although it is quite common, it will only annoy and more feline. Since the cat will associate the toy with the person who uses the relationship
Disciplining cats

Disciplining cats

Even if an owner responsible for the cat will try to repair the deviant behavior of the animal or pet, there are quite a few cases in which discipline is imposed by cat suffer wrongly and unnecessarily. Almost all cats are animals' well-bred "and rarely inappropriate behavior (in other situations than in trying to signal a serious problem). For example, a cat will not urinate in your bed because of your "upset her" and will not scratch the legs of a chair is just as stubborn. It is essential that the source of cat behavior problems to be identified and further measures to rect
Learn how to walk a cat on a leash

Learn how to walk a cat on a leash

Whether your cat spend more time outdoors or indoors, there will be times where you have to keep a close using your leash. Older cats can be trained to get used to a harness specifically, although in their case will require more patience from the owner. The following is a list of the most important steps to go cat get used to the new accessory.

1. Buy a special harness that is comfortable and easy leash securely fastened. Do not use a collar for the cat can escape. It's good to pull the leash when the pressure is not applied to the chest and neck. In trade there are als