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Why do we raise cats?


Raising cats is a soul mission.

First and foremost you have to really love cats, and secondly, the breed that you choose.

We choose races based on personal desires and aspirations. What do we want? An independent cat, a cat massive petite cat, a cat filled with curiosity, with long hair, short hair, a cat weirdest ... The list is practically endless.

Old question always is, "and yet, why grow pedigree cats breed"? All domestic cats, with or without pedigree, face the same health problems: PKD, HCM, FIV, FELV is only a few. The selection process of growth and try to eliminate these diseases, aiming to be born healthy cats, with temperament and appearance consistent with written breed standard. When one is ascending, assumes a huge responsibility towards his animals and to the race, as a whole.

Once you chose the breed, breeder must learn as much as possible, not only about race but about choice all aspects of raising and caring for cats and puppies in general. It is recommended that each breeder to have a mentor, someone who already has extensive experience in raising chosen race. It is also ideal for any breeder to be enrolled in a club in which breeders are helping each other, there is an exchange of ideas and the joy and pride is shared by all members of the results, regardless of the breeds they raise . All domestic cats should be accepted in such a club, because all are welcome - after all, is an act showing pedigree cat pedigree cats and even a "home" could have a pedigree if her people increased parents, grandparents and great grandparents would have taken the trouble to keep written records.

Reach the next question: "But do you like cats do and money growth?". No. A breeder can not have financial gain from this occupation, which can be practiced only, and only love.

1) Buying a cat for breeding is a costly and very difficult enterprise, except when someone makes a recommendation. Many breeders will alienate its not easy kittens - they want to know for sure that it goes into a house in which first and foremost will be loved and cared for and not just used for breeding.

2) care cats is not cheap if done properly, ie if they are offered food quality are regularly vaccinated, fur receives the necessary attention and health are maintained in optimum parameters. After all, a sick cat will give birth to perfectly healthy kittens.

3) Cats should be tested for all known genetic problems that there are ways of testing and, periodically, for infectious diseases.

4) At any birth mother cat can happen to encounter problems, so it becomes necessary sterilization to save lives and kittens must then be artificially fed in the first week of every two hours, in the second week of every three hours and in the third week of every four hours. Milk should be given quality kittens, so must buy special cat milk, cats are lactose intolerant, so milk itself can be a major problem. Breeder may even be forced to take off work for a while to do everything possible kittens are in this situation to survive.

5) Even a perfectly healthy cat can become ill suddenly and many times, breeder is caught in a race against time, getting to the vet at times impossible, even in the middle of the night. Kittens are very fragile in their first weeks of life.

6) Kittens, in turn, must receive all necessary deworming treatments, to make them all vaccines, be microchipped, tested for diseases for which there are known methods of testing and special food fed to kittens. Some races even give birth to ten puppies once each, which can be very expensive.

7) Kittens should be isolated, along with their mother in the first two months of life and then exposed to normal conditions of living together in a house. It should be socialized because their temperament to be liked and to be able to adapt more easily to their future home owners. Exposure to a common home environment also helps to create immunity necessary for good health - kittens should be kept in a protective glass globe!

8) Pedigrees are not cheap and all the kittens from Romania came from Fife affiliated slice must register.

9) Trade! People ask: "Why go with cats in shows?". We need a far better home for each of our kittens and the best way we can find the best master is to show in an exhibition. A breeder wants recognition for all the hard work and win a feline beauty contest is the best way you can get this recognition and satisfaction. Travel and exhibition fees, in turn, are not small.

10) Only the best among the best kitten would be put into breeding programs, their selection is made so that the healthiest, strongest and closest standard describing the ideal race are those who will bear genes on race.

Financial rewards for good breeders there, one of the finest rewards, however, is that you gain new friends, people who take kittens from you!

Putting all the above, you may find that investing far more than it receives.

So, those who believe that cats are easy to grow, they should be reconsidered. Increased heart cats is a mission!