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Afghan Hound

FCI Standard No. 228a

females 63-69 cm
males 68-74 cm

Afghan Greyhound has a very rich history, dating from 1813 the first reliable sources: it is a picture representing a "Meenah of Jahur" with bow and arrows, accompanied by an Afghan. It seems that descended from Saluki, and that all nineteenth-century Persian Greyhound name (ie: Kaboul dog, dog Belouchistan, Today they) Afghan Greyhound actually means.

For native habitat stretching from desert to mountains, it seems that there are two ways to start the Afghan hound, each adapted to their environment.

Greyhound Afghan desert was higher, lighter and more elegant, less important and silky robe. Kinship to the Saluki is a bit more obvious. Afghan from the mountain was more stocky, with stronger bones, lower stature, with thick and almost woolly coat. Both were adapted to the nomadic life of their owners, and big game hunting.

Today they or Afghan Greyhound made its appearance in Europe in the late first century. Century and was established in England in the early century. XX. The first copy was presented at an exhibition in 1907 and officially named Zardin (originally from the province of Seistan, between Afghanistan and Iran).

Zardin was bought by Queen Alexandra in 1907 the Kennel Club breed standard set according to him. Between 1914 and 1918, during the war, never imported any copy.


In 1920, Murray Bell introduced in England six Afghani, most from Belouchistan. They will form the basis kennel "Murray Bell". Meanwhile, Mrs. Amps in England in 1925 brought many Afghani, one very nice (Sirdar, King Amanullah brought in, well proportioned, but more stocky than the Murray's Bell, and very rich robe) . Mrs. Amps chose that name for his kennel, "Ghazni". Since that time, in England began to develop two types of Afghani Greyhounds.

An Afghan require specific and constant maintenance, it's very important to know. Maintenance means time and money, those who wish to purchase an Afghan hound would be better to discuss first with a serious breeder who is able to explain in detail everything related to the maintenance of an Afghan. However, the fact that Afghan require special maintenance or do not have to scare you away from this race. Remember all the times they committed Afghani - even if it means washing, combing, etc. - are times when you are feeling and soul with him, moments of complicity, not a constraint. And how beautiful they are cared for!

No dog is that you expect from your order 100% of the time a dog is independent, intelligent and proud. But that does not prevent to be very attached to his master.