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Akita is a breed native to mountainous areas in northern Japan. In many countries recognized breeds of Akita, the American and Japanese, but the differences between copies of the two breeds are quite small. Akita is considered the national dog of Japan and a natural monument in the country of origin. In the past were very valued, even revered, and only nobles could own such a dog. Imperial guards were used to hunt bears and wild boars.


History of Japanese Akita dog describes ancestors, Matagi race as one of the oldest breeds in the area. Copies of today have their origin in the north of Honshu island, in the Akita region (hence the name of the breed). DNA tests have proved that these dogs Akita is one of the oldest domesticated breeds, are very close, genetically speaking, the wolves. During the Second World War the number Akita dog breed fell considerably due to lack hranii and because Japanese authorities have decided to use the coat of all dogs (German Shepherds less) to achieve military uniforms. In the years after the war, race and he came in number by some breeders effort and devotion. American soldiers are in Japan loved the dog and brought several copies in the United States of America. Since the mid-twentieth century, Akita Inu (Japanese) and American Akita began to differentiate more and more. While Japanese crescatotii focused on preserving original breed characteristics, American breeders have followed changes by crossing with other breeds of dogs.


Akita is a dog of robust constitution, massive. The eyes are small, slightly triangular, dark brown color. The muzzle is strong and sharp ears are narrow, thick, triangular and are high. Akita breed dogs have a double coat, waterproof. The outer coat is harsh and straight and the inside is thick, soft and close to the body. The hair on the head, feet and ears is short, while the tail hair is long and often. Usually shed twice a year. Mature specimens have a height between 60 and 66 cm. Females can weigh up to 45 pounds while males can reach 55 pounds.Akita Inu has only five recognized colors of coat: red, brown, yellow sesame, Brindle or pure white. If American Akita dog breed all colors are allowed. Akita need extra care to coat.




Akita breed dogs are very intelligent, fearless and spontaneous. I am very loyal to their owners but are quite distant and cautious with strangers. Sometimes have a reputation for being aggressive towards people you do not know. I am very protective of family, their territory and food. Akita looks pretty much aggression towards other dogs or pets but these features can be avoided by small yet familiar with other animals. There are some very good guard dogs, although not bark a lot. Akita need a lot of attention and are not recommended for men alone, inactive or who have never had a dog before. Because they are very intelligent, Akita get bored quickly and as a result, can become quite hurt if not kept busy. These dogs need socialization and an intense training. It is extremely important that the pet owner to know who he is because, otherwise, it will attack. Not respond well to training based on violence but need patience, fairness and firmness. Akita breed dogs prefer to be clean so they get along very well with the house rules of behavior.


Akita live on average ten years. The most common cause of death in these dogs is cancer. During life this breed is prone to hip dysplasia procum disease, eye problems, lupus or hypothyroidism. Another common disease in Akita is the GDV (gastric dilatation, with or without torsion) - a digestive system problem caused by excess gas found in the stomach. This is a problem to be solved quickly and specialized intervention is essential. Symptoms of this condition may be: discomfort or pain in the abdomen manifested by negasirea a comfortable position or chewing, depression, difficulty breathing, drooling abundance or unsuccessful attempts to vomit.


Akita are used as animal care, security and last but not least, the faithful companion. An Akita dog breed does not need too much exercise, are quite active in the house. They love to play with family members but can become bored and perverse if left alone for long periods of time. They enjoy a daily walk but it is very important to be well kept firmly on a leash and avoid encounters with other dogs. It is very well suited to apartment life and feels best in a house with a large yard, fenced.