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Chihuahuas are classified as "Companion and Toy" and the name of the breed comes from the largest state that goes into Mexico, place of origin of these quadrupeds. Help the stature, Chihuahua dogs can be transported easily and quickly adapt to new places. Although race is a pretty old Chihuahua dogs became very popular only in the twentieth century.


Both local folklore and archaeological discoveries attest that Chihuahua breed originated in Mexico. One of the most accepted theories about the appearance of the breed say that these dogs are descendants Techichi race, favorite pet Toltec civilization of Mexico. Historical data show that hunted in packs and Techichi appeared in the Ninth Century. When the Toltec civilization was conquered by Astec, the latter have had mystical powers Techichi thought. If the appearance was similar to the Chihuahua dogs today, Techichi were much higher than the modern breed. Chihuahua is believed that first appeared after the dogs were crossed with four-legged Techichi small to South America by Spanish conquistadors. Chihuahua has become a very popular breed in the United States of America, as recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1904.


Chihuahua is recognized as one of the world's smallest dogs and the breed standard does not mention a specific height for specimens. As a result, the height of these dogs varies much more than other breeds. A Chihuahua can weigh between 1 and 2.5 kg. The body of a Chihuahua is quite solid and well shaped for dwarf stature. The head is apple-shaped, the ears are large with slightly rounded tips. Dogs of this breed is within two varieties with long hair and short hair. Long-haired Chihuahua with a high collar and long threads of hair on ears and tail. Short-haired coat has a glossy, well attached to the body. In terms of colors, these include black, blue, white, red with white or dark spots.



Chihuahuas are very devoted and attached usually only one person in the family. Most specimens can be quite jealous when your favorite person receiving care. They are very brave and protective of their owners. Enjoyed very much attention. Chihuahua are suspicious of strangers and very good for security. The breed is not recommended for families with small children or other pets for these quadrupeds are quite impulsive. However, Chihuahua dogs get along very well with specimens of the same race. When they feel threatened Chihuahuas will not hesitate and try to bite. Because they are very stubborn, these quadrupeds may have suffered from a conflict with a larger dog. Straightening deviant behavior is quite easy for these dogs respond well to training.


Chihuahua is a dog ideal for living in an apartment, not noisy. The whole movement needs a Chihuahua can be done inside the various games. If these dogs, one coat is necessary in wet and cold periods. Brushing should be done regularly coat than for specimens with long hair. Chihuahua live on average 15 years and females usually give birth to up to three chickens from a single pregnancy. Some of the most common health problems of Chihuahua dogs are full neinchiderea palate, excess water in the brain and spinal cord incomplete development.