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English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel is a breed originally bred for hunting birds. The quadrupeds are active and friendly, as one of the most popular breeds. Due to the permanently optimistic and moving the tail, these dogs are nicknamed "merry cocker". The name "cocker" comes from the fact that these quadrupeds were used for hunting woodcock ("Woodcock" - in English).


It is believed that the first mention of dogs spaniel is his "Treatise of Hunting" of Gaston Phebus, which dates from around 1300. In the eighteenth century were established seven breeds of spaniels: Clumber, Sussex, Welsh Springer, English Springer, Field, Irish Water Spaniel and Cocker. Characteristics of modern race began to develop the early nineteenth century. In 1874 the first list with copies of pure Cocker Spaniel was published by the newly established British Kennel Club. At the beginning of last century Cocker Spaniel II Englishman American branch of the race developed.


Cocker Spaniel-s Body English is compact and solid medium. The head is round and the muzzle is about the same length as the skull. Lobular ears should reach the nose if pulled forward. The eyes are large, oval, dark and have a gentle but intelligent expression. The legs are relatively short, strong and arched and the tail is usually docked. The hair is medium length and ears, legs and bottom are well feathered. Cocker Spaniel II Britons may be black, brown or red. Are also accepted combinations of white with black or red marks. A mature tree can weigh about 14 kg and males are slightly taller than females.


Cocker Spaniel, I can be stubborn Britons and training must be done gently but firmly. Dogs of this breed do not like to stand alone and be strongly attached to one person in the family. Cocker Spaniel II are extremely loyal, intelligent, adaptable and known for their optimistic nature. These quadrupeds get along well with children and other pets, including cats, but will not tolerate annoying behavior forever. Females tend to have a stronger character than males and are not recommended for people who have never had a dog. Considering that are friendly to strangers, cocker spaniel, he should not be used for security.



Cocker breed dogs can adapt to apartment life but need more exercise every day. Be regularly groomed dog fur.Cocker-s and ears should receive additional attention because these dogs are prone to diseases of hearing.Lord have but to neglect hygiene teeth and claws quadrupeds. Most health problems can suffer these dogs are hereditary, so a choice must be made carefully put the origin of the specimen. A Cocker Spaniel will have a healthy life expectancy between 12 and 15 years.