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Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a breed originally bred for hunting in areas near woods or lakes in Scotland. Given the role that we had dogs in hunting parties (the return game), I have a Golden Retriever mouth sores developed to not cause more animal shot and a great affinity for water. Intelligence and versatility fact that activities of these dogs are used to diversify over time. Thus, her Golden Retriever is trained to detect drugs, to find and rescue people or to be used in animal therapy. These dogs have a great desire to please the owner and are among the most popular breeds in the world.


Golden Retriever II were raised first in town Cannich, near Lake Affric in Scotland. Many years there was controversy over which breeds the Golden Retriever II resulted. Early myths about the origin of these dogs was referring to the fact that Golden Retriever I come from a lot of herding dogs brought to Britain by a Russian circus troupe. Development of firearms since the nineteenth made that more birds were hunted from far away to be hard to recover by hunters. After training game failed to recover when hunting breeds already used rabbits and foxes, it became obvious that they needed a breed that is specialized in recovering only winged game.

The first copies of Golden Retriever resulted from crossing a long-haired retriever yellow with a Tweed Water Spaniel female with short hair (a breed now extinct but very popular in the mid-1800). Modern breed is developed from a crossing program which also included copies of Irish Setter, Bloodhound and Newfoundland. Golden Retriever II were the Kennel Club accepted the British in 1903 and the first copies were submitted to profile exhibitions since 1908. Recognition came in 1881 in Canada and the United States in 1894.


Golden Retriever is a medium to large sized dog. The body is muscular and well proportioned. The head is broad and the nose is black or brown. The eyes are oval, dark, with a look that denotes safety. Medium-sized ears are left near the head. Tail thick, medium length, carried high but not above the back line. Waterproof coat is soft and straight hair or wavy. Neck, abdomen, legs, chest and tail fur is longer. Hair can have different shades of gold, there are copies that have a white spot on chest. A male Golden Retriever may have a mature height of 60 inches while females can reach 56 inches at the withers. The average weight of these dogs is 30 pounds.


Golden Retriever dogs temperament is one of the main reasons why this race is so popular. Do not attach themselves to one person and get along so well with family members and strangers. This feature makes them Golden Retriever is not recommended for security. Manifestations of violence against humans or animals are unacceptable to the Golden Retriever and shyness or nervousness characterized not breed at all. A Golden Retriever should be calm, very intelligent and always looking for owner satisfaction.


Golden Retriever breed dogs are known for their patience they have with children. Golden Retriever I can focus very well on different tasks that they receive and will work to exhaustion. So the owners of these dogs should be careful not to ask too much physical pet. Training methods are required too strong for Golden Retriever s for these quadrupeds learn any command without much effort. Females are known as very good mother to put in other species.


The coat should be brushed regularly to a Golden Retriever. These dogs love to run, swim and retrieve different toys. Regular movement is needed for the Golden Retriever may become overweight them. They adapt very well to apartment life but I have provided enough exercise. In terms of health, her Golden Retriever are not prone to many diseases. However, the most common diseases in dogs are: gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cataracts and diabetes. The average age of s Golden Retriever is 12 years.