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Polish Greyhound

FCI Standard No. 333

Country of origin: Poland


females 68-75 cm *

males 70-80 cm *

The official breed standard was accepted in Poland, country of origin, in 1986.

FCI approved breed only in 1990.

A Chart Polski Russian author says he was born from the combination Greyhound - Barzoi. But theory is notrecognized by the Poles, who say the Chart Polski exist on their territory long before the appearance of these tworaces in the area (XVI century). Chronicles mention the existence of other greyhounds bred to the king since the Middle Ages. Moreover, these reviews mentions that contributed to the Polish Greyhound Perchino line, one of the best and most famous lines Barzoi.

Chart Polski dog is a large, strong, with well developed muscles, without being heavy. The move to e air and energetic at the same time.

Self-controlled, reserved, courageous, Chart Polski is that all hounds, very sensitive and very attached to themaster.

Currently in Poland, breeders and enthusiasts Chart are hard to promote ancestral breed who almost died duringthe Second World War. History is a very troubled Ploniei, for which it is surprising that there have been found in 1595 documents that describe, in verse, hunting with Greyhounds. From these documents it appears that theSaluki greyhound turned into a powerful, tailored to the hunting of wolves, that in Chart.

It is important painter Juliusz Kossak mention works (1824 - 1899) occur very frequently represented horses andGreyhounds. The accuracy with which models are reproduced as Kossak's works have more than a "mere" artistic value, and is a true illustrated chronicle of greyhounds in Poland. At this documentation plus a rich photographicarchive treasure of Chart Polski owners and enthusiasts.