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Russian wolfhound (Borzoi)

Standard F.C.I. no. 193

Country of Origin: RusiaTalia:
females 68-78 cm
males 75-85 cm

If in Western Europe, "Barzoi" means the race itself, in Russia the same word is the generic name for all Greyhounds (name of the breed as "Rsuskaia Psovaya Borzaia").

Born to hunt wolves, Barzoiul has a resistance and incredible strength, and is very brave. But remains a very elegant greyhound, with air movement.

In a text published in 1890 in Moscow by M. Gubinin read that in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries there were several types of Barzoi in Russia. What difference was her robe, some robes were richer, were somewhat higher and was situated in the north of Russia, while others were less rich robes and was situated in the south of Russia.There are also a variety with wavy hair, not very long, called Kurland, variety used for hunting rabbits and wild boar. It seems that this large and powerful dog has contributed more than any other race in existence at that time Russia's Barzoi modern form (which appears in sec. XIX).


At the time, was the increased Barzoi large kennels and selected specimens were the most robust and powerful.Selection and training methods for hunting were largely kept secret by each breeder. After 1860, with the feudal system gradually dropping, slowly disappears and the ritual of hunting, which leads to a decrease in the number of breeders and thus copies of Barzoi. In 1873, to prevent the extinction of the breed, is founded in Moscow a "Society of propagation of the true breed breeders Barzoi and supportive." At that time there were seven Barzoi breeders all over Russia, which is unchanged until 1917, when the Revolution ended their superb productions.

Race is saved from extinction by English. In 1870, Tsar offered a couple of King Edward VII Barzoi (Molodetz and Owaldzka), he began to show in some dog shows. In 1890, the Duchess of Newcastle to build a sub Barzoi breeders affix "Notts". Thus, the genetic heritage of the breed was saved.

Rawdon Lee Barzoiul describe in detail in his book "Modern Dogs" (1893), focusing on the beauty of the head, the coat quality, color of eyes (always matching coat color) and the most important qualities in this breed: size (must be higher than a deerhound, he says), muscles, chest depth, and, very importantly, jaw force (equipped with large teeth and powerful).

Greyhounds with great character, very close to the owner (often one family member, you choose them), calm, balanced, patient and very careful with children around them, can be stubborn sometimes be upset if argue falsely imply that they feel wronged. I can get along with cats, provided they are taught to receive adequate education and small (patience and consistency), if adopted at an older age.