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Castration and sterilization - cat behaviour change and health impacts

Prezentare: It is said that cats lose interest castrated tomcats life and become obese and sleepy. It is said that the female must wean a generation of baby even before being spayed. It also says that this operation reduces the risk of urolithiasis ... But it is not. So how is it?

Neutering the cat and cat sterilization, remove both health problems and behavior associated with the production of sex hormones and produces changes related to their absence. It is recommended that reason, castration of animals that have reached maturity and growth process is complete (if possible before the first hea

Cat breeding at least once in her life - good or bad?

Prezentare: Do you want to mate cats. I mean, to have the joy of seeing your cat's puppies and increasing spring out, turning the uncertain creatures, with eyes glued in small feline eyes alert and nimble guerrillas always made plays.

The picture described above is truly idyllic and desire to live with your cat it is very natural, but only for someone who does not know how heavy, can be tiring and even dangerous for the cat adventure.

First, although it says it is healthy for your cat to have puppies at least once in life, whether or not to be sterilized, in fact, it's not h

Pregnancy problems in cats

Prezentare: Cats are sometimes prone to health problems, either during pregnancy or after birth. For this reason it is good to have on hand phone number and address of the nearest veterinarian. Most cats get over the task without any problems but you should be aware that there are cases less fortunate. It is important to manage specific symptoms to identify certain problems and health care for cats and babies.


Decreased blood level of calcium in the cat can cause eclampsia, a life-threatening disease that dog. This problem usually occurs in late stages of pregnancy. A calcium su

Sterilization of Cats - Article by Camelia Murgocea

Prezentare: Nonsense like "a cat really need to be put before castration" or "God wants, I have to leave the right to breed" we have heard often, sometimes even from the mouth veterinarian. The various dissertations on the right of procreation of the cat or explanations like "I put on her house to fill my living toy" does not denote anything other than the lack of responsibility when it comes to cats that do not belong to any race (not speak for those who have transmissible genetic defects such as deafness, bone deformities, etc..) and whose baby will find, so hard, my lord. Given that th

Why do we raise cats?

Prezentare: Raising cats is a soul mission.
First and foremost you have to really love cats, and secondly, the breed that you choose.
We choose races based on personal desires and aspirations. What do we want? An independent cat, a cat massive petite cat, a cat filled with curiosity, with long hair, short hair, a cat weirdest ... The list is practically endless.

Old question always is, "and yet, why grow pedigree cats breed"? All domestic cats, with or without pedigree, face the same health problems: PKD, HCM, FIV, FELV is only a few. The selection process of growth and try to elim

Why take your cat from a registered breeder

Prezentare: Call indulgent "pseudocrescator" a person who, without being affiliated to any of the organizations recognized feline, cat owns you multiply the money, in short, but more direct and said, these people are "multiplier". Kittens are usually offered by multiplier poorly fed, vaccinated or unvaccinated chaotic, kept in cages improper and certainly were never properly consulted by a veterinarian. These kittens become available for sale at ages between 4 and 8 weeks, to avoid the costs of feeding and vaccinating them.

All too often happens that farmers receive calls from peop
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