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British Shorthair - British short hair cat

Prezentare: Brief History
Was given piscii British short hair (British Shorthair) - to be reckoned as the oldest known breed in the world.Legend has it that these beautiful felines are the direct offspring of domestic cats in ancient Rome, brought to Britain by Caesar and his legions.

From the mists of ancient history says that the Romans took possession after the British territories and began to practice agriculture, around 400 BC, brought a large number of cats to guard crops from rodents. Cats brought by the Romans were mated with native wild cats, resulting in a new species: robust and

Cancer in cats


Cat breed or stray cat?


Cats and high temperatures


Chartreux - silent observer

Prezentare: Chartreux is a breed of cat native to France. Chartreux cats are known for double-coated fur and their smile.These cats are excellent hunters and very appreciated by farmers. Also, the mascot of the largest jazz festival in the world, The Montreal International Jazz Festival is' Ste Cat ", a blue cat Chartreux breed. Among the most famous masters of French writer Sidonie Chartreux include Gabrielle Colette, and General Charles de Gaulle.


According to legend, Chartreux cats are offspring of cats brought to France by monks in the monastery to live Carthusieni the Chartre

Cornish Rex

Prezentare: Cornish Rex cats are very affectionate and love people. Aceeste cats kittens always remain - are very active and very inventive, devised new games each time. Among the few races who accept and even enjoy the crowd, Cornish Rex cats live intensely and exhibitions feline fun adventure.

Devon Rex Cat

Prezentare: Devon Rex breed has appeared in England in the 70s in the county town of Devon Buckfastleigh. It is said that Miss Cox appeared at the door one day a cat looking "odd" that was pregnant. Mrs. Cox took this cat in her house and after birth, there was little surprise when he saw one young cat who inherited his mother was one: have the same huge ears, curly hair and short muzzle. 10 years after birth had Cornish Rex breed, and Mrs. Cox thought that has to do with a new copy of this race, although this kitten out curly hair does not respect the other criteria of race.

How to choose a healthy kitten?


Laperm, cats with curly hair

Prezentare: Laperm breed cats are in Class Rex, known for its soft fur created. These cats are originating in the United States of America and are found worldwide today. The breed is unique in terms of genetic, not directly related to any of the other Rex breeds. Cats have a constitution Laperm elegance and athletic and are characterized as being very affectionate, active and sociable. Laperm are also recognized as among the most hypoallergenic breeds of cats, causing a significantly lower number of allergies than other cats.


The first cat Laperm was born in 1982 and was the resul

Male or Female?

Prezentare: Here is a question which it puts anyone who wants to adopt a cat home. Owning a cat, regardless of gender, involves responsibility to ensure normal daily food and toilet, changing absorbent sand boxes, caressing and playing and, of course, routine veterinary checks, with annual vaccinations carried out.

But what are the differences between cats and tomcats in terms of our cohabitation with these Animal Characters?


Depending on the temperament of the breed characteristics chosen, females are more or less friendly with strangers, more playful or sober, active or lazy.

Manx - Tailless Cat

Prezentare: Manx is a breed of cat characterized by a genetic mutation manifested in the spine. This mutation shortens the tail and, in the most extreme cases, the tail is completely missing. Manx breed cats are skilled hunters known as managed to beat booty bigger than them, even when they are puppies. These cats are very popular with farmers who have problems with vermin.


Manx breed originated in Isle of Man, an island in the British Isles. Place of origin give the name and the first specimens were described in the eighteenth century. Manx cats islanders say the Armada shi

Mature cat or kitten?


Mistakes made by new cat owners


Norwegian Forest Cat

Prezentare: Norwegian forest is one of the oldest breeds of cats, which throughout history has evolved and adapted to cope with hostile Scandinavian climate. This breed is present in Scandinavian history since the early 1500, but in mythology and folklore Norwegian cats appear with descriptions that can not be associated with the cat than in earlier Norwegian VII, VIII and IX.


Prezentare: OCIC is a pretty rare breed of cat whose fur stained so they look similar to that of wild cats. The name comes from the resemblance OCIC wild cat, Ocelot. Despite, appearances, cats do not have any gene OCIC "wild". This breed is a cross between Siamese cat Abyssinian cat and then the American Shorthair.


The first cat breed OCIC was born in 1964 in Michigan, USA, where upward of cats named Virginia Daly, of a cross with a stained Abyssiniana Siamese. The first generation looked like cats Abyssiniene chicken, but a surprise came in the second generation of chicken

Persian - cat aristocrat

Prezentare: In the eighteenth century England was brought to court a cat with long hair, by a caravan that brought spices from India and Persia. This cat was called "Persian", which came after the country (Persia - present Iran). In fact, it is mentioned in documents in 1684 BC

Persian cat today is the result of many breeders. They have managed to maintain a state of harmony between health, physical strength and a pleasant temperament.

Persian cat character

Persian is a special beauty that can not be surpassed by other felines. Calm,

Peterbald - Petersburg Sphynx or hairless Oriental

Prezentare: Also known as the Petersburg Sphynx or hairless Oriental, Peterbaldul is one of the newest and breeds of cats.The general look special and wonderful temperament, Peterbald cat strikes you on the first date.

Ragdoll Cat

Prezentare: From the first moment you see a Ragdoll blue eyes enchanting.
Ragdoll cats are very sociable and enjoy human company, other cats and friendly dogs. He loves his master and his arrival will wait at the door, I will follow all over the house and want to be with him always. If the owner has a busy schedule and missing home than is absolutely advisable to buy more cat (preferably one whose temperament is not too dominant) or a dog Ragdoll cat to keep company, because they do not like solitude.Ragdoll cats are also visitor friendly owners, will go to see who came to welc

Russian Blue

Prezentare: Russian Blue has a harmonious appearance, elegant, distinguished.
The body is long, slim, medium (up to high in some males). Is there sexual dimorphism, the male being longer and more muscular than females, which often has a more delicate conformation. Cat has an athletic physique.


Prezentare: Siamese is one of the most easily recognized breeds of Oriental cat. Place of origin of this breed is not exactly identified but is believed to be Southeast Asia. They say these cats are offspring of the sacred cats of Siam (now Thailand). In Thailand are called Wichien-Maat, which means "moon diamond". In the 20th century Siamese cats became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and North America.


Siamese is one of the original breeds of Siam, and the first mentions of these cats dates from the 18th century, when they were described and illustrated in a

Siberian cats

Prezentare: Siberian is a medium sized cat breed. This cat breed is recognized by most organizations, being accepted by Cat Fanciers Association in 2000. Any coat color of these cats is accepted in competitions. Siberian has its origins in Russia and is very appreciated for quiet and affectionate temperament.


Siberian cat breed is a very old but was not officially recognized only at the end of last century. This situation was due to the fact that the communist regime in Russia doe


Prezentare: Snowshoe is a relatively new cat breed, originating in the United States of America. Snowshoe cat breed first appeared in the city of Philadelphia, when one of the Siamese gave birth to three cubs ascending a unique color pattern. The owner began to promote their offspring originals. What followed were more selective breeding programs and efforts for recognition of the U.S. cat associations. Even if there are more than 45 years, Snowshoe cats are quite rare because the specific model of the coat is difficult to obtain. However, race is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and Eur

The most common diseases in older cats

Prezentare: Older cats are affected by the same disease and people suffering after exceeding a certain age. Diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular problems and cancer are among the most serious health problems that can affect a cat in their final years of life. The good thing is that many of these diseases can be treated successfully and your cat can live relatively normal lives still.


Prezentare: Tonkinese is a medium sized cat with short hair, also called the Golden Siamese. Cats of this breed is lively, friendly and not noisy. When given the opportunity to be active in the house, these cats are ideal pets for apartment.


Tonkinese cats have resulted from crossing Siamese with Burman. Some declare that breeders Tonkinese cat-their appearance there since the nineteenth century and the first specimen was imported into California in 1930.Another theory about the origin of Tonkinese, their appearance is based on the fact that race is the similarit

What are zoonoses and how we protect?

Prezentare: In a time when animal diseases produce names of the strangest rumors and even panic, few are those who really know which are the diseases that animals can transmit human or animal man can pass.

When traveling with a cat


When you live with several cats in the house

Prezentare: Cats are essentially independent and territorial animals. However, there are many cases in which a cat can enjoy the company of other cats. It is preferable to start with two cats in our house, because the introduction of cats in a home where another cat already lives require more time and attention. If you feel ready to adopt more cats at a time, there are several ways to arrange your home to new residents.

Yard cat, house cat

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