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British Shorthair - British short hair cat

Prezentare: Brief History
Was given piscii British short hair (British Shorthair) - to be reckoned as the oldest known breed in the world.Legend has it that these beautiful felines are the direct offspring of domestic cats in ancient Rome, brought to Britain by Caesar and his legions.

From the mists of ancient history says that the Romans took possession after the British territories and began to practice agriculture, around 400 BC, brought a large number of cats to guard crops from rodents. Cats brought by the Romans were mated with native wild cats, resulting in a new species: robust and

Cancer in cats


Castration and sterilization - cat behaviour change and health impacts

Prezentare: It is said that cats lose interest castrated tomcats life and become obese and sleepy. It is said that the female must wean a generation of baby even before being spayed. It also says that this operation reduces the risk of urolithiasis ... But it is not. So how is it?

Neutering the cat and cat sterilization, remove both health problems and behavior associated with the production of sex hormones and produces changes related to their absence. It is recommended that reason, castration of animals that have reached maturity and growth process is complete (if possible before the first hea

Cat breed or stray cat?


Cat breeding at least once in her life - good or bad?

Prezentare: Do you want to mate cats. I mean, to have the joy of seeing your cat's puppies and increasing spring out, turning the uncertain creatures, with eyes glued in small feline eyes alert and nimble guerrillas always made plays.

The picture described above is truly idyllic and desire to live with your cat it is very natural, but only for someone who does not know how heavy, can be tiring and even dangerous for the cat adventure.

First, although it says it is healthy for your cat to have puppies at least once in life, whether or not to be sterilized, in fact, it's not h

Cats and high temperatures


Chartreux - silent observer

Prezentare: Chartreux is a breed of cat native to France. Chartreux cats are known for double-coated fur and their smile.These cats are excellent hunters and very appreciated by farmers. Also, the mascot of the largest jazz festival in the world, The Montreal International Jazz Festival is' Ste Cat ", a blue cat Chartreux breed. Among the most famous masters of French writer Sidonie Chartreux include Gabrielle Colette, and General Charles de Gaulle.


According to legend, Chartreux cats are offspring of cats brought to France by monks in the monastery to live Carthusieni the Chartre

Cleaning cat ears

Prezentare: Healthy cat ears are generally clean, because usually only knows how to wash, however, it is necessary to periodically clean cat ears to disinfect and sanitize both area and to examine the ears and on this occasion to make sure the cat no problems. The frequency with which you perform this operation you will determine according to the time you notice the cat's ears need cleaning - generally enough to clean the cat's ears once every two weeks.

Cleaning the cat's ears can be a complicated operation, because cats tend to struggle, to let his ears back, and even smuceasca to scratch. The

Cornish Rex

Prezentare: Cornish Rex cats are very affectionate and love people. Aceeste cats kittens always remain - are very active and very inventive, devised new games each time. Among the few races who accept and even enjoy the crowd, Cornish Rex cats live intensely and exhibitions feline fun adventure.

Devon Rex Cat

Prezentare: Devon Rex breed has appeared in England in the 70s in the county town of Devon Buckfastleigh. It is said that Miss Cox appeared at the door one day a cat looking "odd" that was pregnant. Mrs. Cox took this cat in her house and after birth, there was little surprise when he saw one young cat who inherited his mother was one: have the same huge ears, curly hair and short muzzle. 10 years after birth had Cornish Rex breed, and Mrs. Cox thought that has to do with a new copy of this race, although this kitten out curly hair does not respect the other criteria of race.

Disciplining cats

Prezentare: Even if an owner responsible for the cat will try to repair the deviant behavior of the animal or pet, there are quite a few cases in which discipline is imposed by cat suffer wrongly and unnecessarily. Almost all cats are animals' well-bred "and rarely inappropriate behavior (in other situations than in trying to signal a serious problem). For example, a cat will not urinate in your bed because of your "upset her" and will not scratch the legs of a chair is just as stubborn. It is essential that the source of cat behavior problems to be identified and further measures to rect

Fleas in cats

Prezentare: At least once in life, every cat is infected easily or massive flea. Whether it was visited by another animal infected or had access to outside, or that infection occurred from other causes, the situation itself is extremely unpleasant for both the owner and the cat and requires urgent action.

There are over 2,000 species of fleas that can affect pets, the most common species Ctenocephalides felis felis is that part of the suborder Pulicidae and is specific to the cat, being different from Ctenocephalides canis (dog specific) and pulex irritans (human specific) . Both Ctenocephalides

Guidelines for simple commands and tricks

Prezentare: Although some cats will respond to encouragement, most will be rewarded with food if they are obedient. If the cat has made an order to be well, however, along with a snack, give them some words of appreciation. You will have more chances to learn to follow a command cat when you spend enough time to deepen that trick, no go to the next. As in any training situation, you must have patience and learn to let your cat her own pace. You feel the slightest sign that the cat understands what to do, reward it with enthusiasm.

Healthy food for your cat

Prezentare: Cat health can be seen - fur is thick, shiny, beautiful falling body, the hair is soft and pleasant to touch. A cat healthy food that will show the beauty of the coat. How healthy cat food?

There are still among cat owners believe that cats can eat absolutely anything - the residue left from the cutting of chicken meat to the table the remains of man - or, this is not true - cat food should not be composed solely of protein and, especially, is totally inadvisable to continue what meats contain condiments!

Homemade toy ideas

Prezentare: Although there are plenty of commercially cat toys (balls of all kinds, some that jump, others that make noise, some rubber, some plastic), we thought it would be fun to give the cat a chance to play with homemade toys. Thus, we can think of virtually any material that could otherwise be reused to form different cat toys Peter.


Flock paper

The simplest toy for cats is flock paper - take a sheet of paper is crumpled, binds well with thread and hung in various places of the house, the disadvantage is that, being bound with thread, the cat gets bored quickly it, b

How to apply correctly "grasping the neck" method

Prezentare: One of the best ways to discourage unwanted behavior of cats is feline neck grasping the coat, because they resemble the manner in which their female offspring disciplines. A cat neck should be started only in special situations such as those in which the cat is aggressive towards people or other animals from the house.

This method is much better than using a water pistol when the cat is sprayed is inappropriate behavior. Choosing the latter, although it is quite common, it will only annoy and more feline. Since the cat will associate the toy with the person who uses the relationship

How to choose a healthy kitten?


I have to bathe the cat - help!

Prezentare: The cat is an animal who knows very well to wear care - a healthy cat and wash only does so well that her hair will always be clean. So, in general, the cat does not need the bathroom - in addition, we know that cats hate water!

However, there are situations where I have to make bathroom:
coat is very dirty (if, for example, the cat stayed outside);
fur is matted and uncombed (especially if you've just adopted a cat "ulitarnica"!)
cat dirt with a substance that can not remove one or toxic (motor oil - under a car, poison powder beetles etc.).
cat is heavily infest

Inappropriate ways in which cats seek attention

Prezentare: One of the most common behavior problems in cats is excessive vocalizations: caterwaul or screaming, often accompanied by gestures that cat looking for attention. Given that both behaviors can cause both physical and emotional need to document better before you punish your cat for being too loud or constantly seeking attention.Behavior that might indicate a problem a cat can be perfectly normal for another cat.

Laperm, cats with curly hair

Prezentare: Laperm breed cats are in Class Rex, known for its soft fur created. These cats are originating in the United States of America and are found worldwide today. The breed is unique in terms of genetic, not directly related to any of the other Rex breeds. Cats have a constitution Laperm elegance and athletic and are characterized as being very affectionate, active and sociable. Laperm are also recognized as among the most hypoallergenic breeds of cats, causing a significantly lower number of allergies than other cats.


The first cat Laperm was born in 1982 and was the resul

Learn how to walk a cat on a leash

Prezentare: Whether your cat spend more time outdoors or indoors, there will be times where you have to keep a close using your leash. Older cats can be trained to get used to a harness specifically, although in their case will require more patience from the owner. The following is a list of the most important steps to go cat get used to the new accessory.

1. Buy a special harness that is comfortable and easy leash securely fastened. Do not use a collar for the cat can escape. It's good to pull the leash when the pressure is not applied to the chest and neck. In trade there are als

Litterbox or bathtub? - You decide!

Prezentare: Any housewife wants to not have "the smell of cat in the house" - there are two ways to create conditions for the cat to be able to solve so that physiological needs of home hygiene to be maintained. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to every cat owner to decide which is the appropriate method.

Cases with sand


is preferred because cats instinct to help them do so as to bury excrement
cat gets used more easily in sand boxes, because it "mimics" the conditions of life in the natural environment;
sand can be changed

Male or Female?

Prezentare: Here is a question which it puts anyone who wants to adopt a cat home. Owning a cat, regardless of gender, involves responsibility to ensure normal daily food and toilet, changing absorbent sand boxes, caressing and playing and, of course, routine veterinary checks, with annual vaccinations carried out.

But what are the differences between cats and tomcats in terms of our cohabitation with these Animal Characters?


Depending on the temperament of the breed characteristics chosen, females are more or less friendly with strangers, more playful or sober, active or lazy.

Manx - Tailless Cat

Prezentare: Manx is a breed of cat characterized by a genetic mutation manifested in the spine. This mutation shortens the tail and, in the most extreme cases, the tail is completely missing. Manx breed cats are skilled hunters known as managed to beat booty bigger than them, even when they are puppies. These cats are very popular with farmers who have problems with vermin.


Manx breed originated in Isle of Man, an island in the British Isles. Place of origin give the name and the first specimens were described in the eighteenth century. Manx cats islanders say the Armada shi

Mature cat or kitten?


Mistakes made by new cat owners


Norwegian Forest Cat

Prezentare: Norwegian forest is one of the oldest breeds of cats, which throughout history has evolved and adapted to cope with hostile Scandinavian climate. This breed is present in Scandinavian history since the early 1500, but in mythology and folklore Norwegian cats appear with descriptions that can not be associated with the cat than in earlier Norwegian VII, VIII and IX.


Prezentare: OCIC is a pretty rare breed of cat whose fur stained so they look similar to that of wild cats. The name comes from the resemblance OCIC wild cat, Ocelot. Despite, appearances, cats do not have any gene OCIC "wild". This breed is a cross between Siamese cat Abyssinian cat and then the American Shorthair.


The first cat breed OCIC was born in 1964 in Michigan, USA, where upward of cats named Virginia Daly, of a cross with a stained Abyssiniana Siamese. The first generation looked like cats Abyssiniene chicken, but a surprise came in the second generation of chicken

Persian - cat aristocrat

Prezentare: In the eighteenth century England was brought to court a cat with long hair, by a caravan that brought spices from India and Persia. This cat was called "Persian", which came after the country (Persia - present Iran). In fact, it is mentioned in documents in 1684 BC

Persian cat today is the result of many breeders. They have managed to maintain a state of harmony between health, physical strength and a pleasant temperament.

Persian cat character

Persian is a special beauty that can not be surpassed by other felines. Calm,

Peterbald - Petersburg Sphynx or hairless Oriental

Prezentare: Also known as the Petersburg Sphynx or hairless Oriental, Peterbaldul is one of the newest and breeds of cats.The general look special and wonderful temperament, Peterbald cat strikes you on the first date.
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