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Birds that bite

Prezentare: Biting is a natural manifestation of the birds, so it is important to establish with certainty whether the bird will fly bites or just easy to get your attention. In most cases, the bird uses its beak in for lack of aggressiveness, using him as a third "hand" or a branch to test the resistance that is going to settle.

Owners of birds can easily confuse the true with the use of harmless bite the beak. While a pinch is not very pleasant, a real bite can be downright painful, leaving a deep wound. You have to learn the warning signals that we transmit bird (feathers dilated pupils or hi

Correction of improper behavior of pet birds

Prezentare: If you do not treat them to be, pet birds can become quite destructive or can injure us. Instincts and inherent nature wildlife birds can behave inappropriately in what concerns the owner. Addressing these issues of bird behavior can be quite demanding for the owner, given that winged friend is a highly social animal and emotionally sensitive.

Rules of Discipline "bird"

Even if your bird will sometimes behave in a way that will disturb or even angry at its height, it is important to remember this rule when reacting to inadequate actions winged friend:

- Never hit a bird

Diarrhea in parakeets - causes and treatments

Prezentare: The immune system of a budgerigar is very weak. Being a small bird, any infection can be fatal for parakeets. Diarrhea, for parakeets, is not itself a disease but a symptom of emerging diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi intestinal riniciilor diseases, poisoning, etc.. From healthy birds, the droppings were separated from the white black (the bladder). If the budgerigar has two parts are mixed diarrhea and bird refuses to eat. Diarrhea treatment is usually with my boiled rice boiled or chamomile tea or peppermint. Another great treatment is the antidiarrhoeal and antibacterial ramur

How do you handle noisy parrots

Prezentare: Parrots are noisy birds and if you choose to buy one, you must adapt to the sounds they produce. Indeed, some parrots can talk or sing beautifully, but everyone will start screaming loud disturbing at a time. Even the nicest parrot can be very noisy and must be prepared to encounter protests neighbors or even their own doubts still care about the bird.

How do you manage to make a parrot to shut up? Answer is when you understand how parrots communicate and why they are sometimes so loud. Screams are normal for such a bird and must accept the fact that there is quiet parrot. Parrots ca

Lung disease and temperature interpretation in parakeets

Prezentare: Parakeet is the most common species of parrots among amateur and famous among breeders. Active nature, beauty and decorative reproduction parakeets are relatively easy to why these birds are so prevalent in homes worldwide. Based on how nice they are so vulnerable perusii are in front of various diseases. A minor infection can be fatal to these birds, whose immune system is very weak. Owners who have more parakeets cage should have a recovery, because if one bird gets sick, you can heal it separate from other birds.

A common problem in parakeets is the lung diseases.'s Respiratory pa

Parrot behaviour

Prezentare: If you can understand a parrot body language you can recognize situations where winged bird is sick or if requires attention or food. Also, the correct interpretation of the messages you send them your bird will avoid the situations where you may be bitten. Most parrots are an open book in terms of body language. Once you recognize them messages will not be hard to figure out if the bird is happy, sleepy or just frightened of it.

- Parrots feathers clipped wings are usually bothered by the side of the cage or perched on a stand and fight a lot of wings. This gesture is a way that mak

When parrots pull their feathers off

Prezentare: Pulling their feathers is a symptom complex. May indicate either a physical or psychological problem bird. You must closely follow the bird, to seek medical help and then find creative ways to solve the problem. Feather mutilation can be of many kinds, from plucking a few feathers in the wing until the total dezgolirea bird chest. Pulling their feathers may indicate a fatal disease or may mean only that the parrot is bored.

Many parrot owners accept difficult situation in which the bird begins to pluck feathers. Much of the charm parrot is given by their colorful plumage. Once you ha
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