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About Canaries - History and Breed

Prezentare: Canary is a bird known for long and harmonious singing and bright yellow plumage. It is unpretentious, adapted to live alone, and relatively easy to multiply in captivity. It's important decision to adopt a male or a female, because males sing more beautiful!

Male canary sing beautiful!

An adult male canary is easily recognized both by size and by specific singing, powerful and melodious, female singing less and not so melodious. When choosing a canary, you should notice better and longer all the birds on sale if you want a singer in the whole power of the word. When singing,

Ammonia poisoning of fish aquarium

Prezentare: If the aquarium fish are well cared for, health problems are rarely installed. But when fish get sick of tunc is essential to have some basic information about the symptoms and the measures to be taken, depending on condition. Treatment that is specific to each disease condition.

Ammonia poisoning is one of the most common causes of death, aquarium fish and occurs most often when installing a new aquarium. Fish can be poisoned with ammonia (NH3) and when they were added at the same time too many aquarium filter water when not working or there is sudden change in water conditions.

Beak problems in birds

Prezentare: A bird uses its beak for many purposes, from battles with rivals to the care and feeding. Beak may be a combination of power and sensitivity, strong enough to crack a coconut but delicate enough to clean a grape.

There are several kinds of beaks depending on bird species:
- Powerful looking to hook specific parrot, feeding the plants with hard shell;
- Short and straight, for birds such as canaries, which feed mainly on seeds;
- Long and thin, for birds that feed on nectar.

One of the signs is the health of the birds beak is inaripatei. If the b

Bird diseases - the first symptoms

Prezentare: The first signs of disease in birds is manifested by changes in mood and general appearance, decreased appetite, changes in appearance and consistency of feces. Because in general, birds are very sensitive, even the slightest sign of illness should be taken seriously.

Changes in general appearance to diseased birds

A healthy bird is lively and active, has bright plumage and attached to the body, eyes are clear, wide open. Therefore, any change in these views can be considered a sign of disease. Thus, a sick bird plumage is shaggy, in disorder, no luster, body position is

Birds that bite

Prezentare: Biting is a natural manifestation of the birds, so it is important to establish with certainty whether the bird will fly bites or just easy to get your attention. In most cases, the bird uses its beak in for lack of aggressiveness, using him as a third "hand" or a branch to test the resistance that is going to settle.

Owners of birds can easily confuse the true with the use of harmless bite the beak. While a pinch is not very pleasant, a real bite can be downright painful, leaving a deep wound. You have to learn the warning signals that we transmit bird (feathers dilated pupils or hi

British Shorthair - British short hair cat

Prezentare: Brief History
Was given piscii British short hair (British Shorthair) - to be reckoned as the oldest known breed in the world.Legend has it that these beautiful felines are the direct offspring of domestic cats in ancient Rome, brought to Britain by Caesar and his legions.

From the mists of ancient history says that the Romans took possession after the British territories and began to practice agriculture, around 400 BC, brought a large number of cats to guard crops from rodents. Cats brought by the Romans were mated with native wild cats, resulting in a new species: robust and

Cancer in cats


Castration and sterilization - cat behaviour change and health impacts

Prezentare: It is said that cats lose interest castrated tomcats life and become obese and sleepy. It is said that the female must wean a generation of baby even before being spayed. It also says that this operation reduces the risk of urolithiasis ... But it is not. So how is it?

Neutering the cat and cat sterilization, remove both health problems and behavior associated with the production of sex hormones and produces changes related to their absence. It is recommended that reason, castration of animals that have reached maturity and growth process is complete (if possible before the first hea

Cat breed or stray cat?


Cat breeding at least once in her life - good or bad?

Prezentare: Do you want to mate cats. I mean, to have the joy of seeing your cat's puppies and increasing spring out, turning the uncertain creatures, with eyes glued in small feline eyes alert and nimble guerrillas always made plays.

The picture described above is truly idyllic and desire to live with your cat it is very natural, but only for someone who does not know how heavy, can be tiring and even dangerous for the cat adventure.

First, although it says it is healthy for your cat to have puppies at least once in life, whether or not to be sterilized, in fact, it's not h

Cats and high temperatures



Prezentare: Pets are not much an unknown subject, besides animals "traditional" animal lovers began to grow in their own houses animals from more and different and more exotic chameleons are just one of many exotic animal breeds which can adapt to apartment life.

Chameleons are a species of reptile breeders and very much appreciated by "funny" in appearance - eyes that seem to rotate all the time, very long tongue compared to the trunk, fingers - we can say we have one more animals in the ability chameleon to change color. At first glance one may seem like a pet Camelon easy to grow, but the sit

Chartreux - silent observer

Prezentare: Chartreux is a breed of cat native to France. Chartreux cats are known for double-coated fur and their smile.These cats are excellent hunters and very appreciated by farmers. Also, the mascot of the largest jazz festival in the world, The Montreal International Jazz Festival is' Ste Cat ", a blue cat Chartreux breed. Among the most famous masters of French writer Sidonie Chartreux include Gabrielle Colette, and General Charles de Gaulle.


According to legend, Chartreux cats are offspring of cats brought to France by monks in the monastery to live Carthusieni the Chartre

Chinchillas can live in the same house with a cat?

Prezentare: In most of the cases the pets of different species living under one roof necuvantatoare relationship between these depends very much on each individual character . It is always important to have and an emergency plan in case things get out of control. chinchilele cats and can coexist in peace if there is a series of favorable conditions . If you already have a cat, you should consider cat personality.

Many people have cats and Chincha while, but these situations are ideal only if your cat is very quiet and does not care very much by this rodents. If you have a chinchilla and adopted

Choosing a healthy chinchilla

Prezentare: When you decide to buy a chinchilla you should follow certain aspects of rodents to make sure that you take care of a pet healthy. The first thing you should do it before buying a chinchilla is to evaluate them general physical condition - such rodents should not be fat or too thin and the animal should not have abnormal swelling. Chinchillas be alert and curious, not lethargic .

This can be difficult to judge if a chinchilla sleepy, but such rodents should wake up and gaze at everything around when she is paying attention. chinchilla coat should be a well cared very thick, flu

Choosing a healthy reptile

Prezentare: Reptiles in the pet market are prone to stress and can become ill very quickly, especially if not cared for properly. When you hotararti to take home a snake, a turtle or a lizard, there are many aspects of reptile you need to track to ensure that adopted a healthy animal.

Begin by examining reptiles short evaluation of the entire body of the animal. Reptiles should have a muscular body and avoid animals that look very weak (see if the bones of the pelvis and tail are obvious) or have abnormal swelling in the legs. Snakes should have a round shape and well defined column vertebrates

Choosing a horse

Prezentare: If you have decided to buy a horse you should be aware of the responsibilities that involve owning a horse. Horses need care seven days a week. You must be honest with you about time and money you are willing to invest in the horse that he is going to buy it. Even if you love horses you have to decide if you prefer to pay a regular amount for a few hours of riding at a racecourse or if he engaged in raising a horse. The first thing you must consider is the older horse that is going to buy it .

You may be tempted to buy a young horse that will make you feel a special bond with him ove

Choosing first pet birds

Prezentare: For those who make little effort to document before choosing a bird as a pet, holding a winged can be a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Future owners of pet birds must make informed choices because to avoid situations in which both animal and owner will suffer.

Some people think to buy for the first time a bird as a pet are captivated by the large and colorful parrots. And who can argue? The truth is that these birds are too much for an owner "novice". Usually, the bigger the bird the greater the effort to care for it. Large birds can be exceptional companions but most tim

Cleaning cat ears

Prezentare: Healthy cat ears are generally clean, because usually only knows how to wash, however, it is necessary to periodically clean cat ears to disinfect and sanitize both area and to examine the ears and on this occasion to make sure the cat no problems. The frequency with which you perform this operation you will determine according to the time you notice the cat's ears need cleaning - generally enough to clean the cat's ears once every two weeks.

Cleaning the cat's ears can be a complicated operation, because cats tend to struggle, to let his ears back, and even smuceasca to scratch. The

Cognitive abilities of the pigeon

Prezentare: Pigeons were subjected to comparative psychology several experiments, including studies that focused on the ability of animal perception. Among the conclusions drawn from various studies include that pigeons can be trained to perform relatively complex actions. Also, these birds are capable of a very good distribution carefully. Pigeons can make the difference between other specimens of the same species. A pigeon can remember a large number of individual images for long periods. Unlike other species of birds, which also travel a lot during migration, on the same routes and each year, the do

Command "Come" for pet birds

Prezentare: "Come" command is basic and most important for birds kept as pets. Not only will you use this command in everyday interactions with your pet bird but it is essential to know how to command respect when you are visited by a veterinarian. To enjoy the full attention of the bird during the sessions of "training" is very important to choose a suitable location.

Birds are very sensitive animals to what is happening around them and the winged emotional state often depends on how they perceive the environment in which they are. To ensure that the bird feels comfortable, try to use a w

Consider age of the parrot when you want to addopt him

Prezentare: Because most parrots live for many years, the opportunity to choose whether you become the owner of a chicken or mature birds. Be aware that there are differences in behavior between young and adult parrots. That parrot chicks are attached more than their adoptive family than a mature tree is just a myth. Parrots are very adaptable animals and appreciate anyone who offers affection, besides food and care.

An adult parrot brought in a house can get to and cherish the new owners. On the other hand, a mature bird with behavioral problems may not feel their caregivers never too close and

Cornish Rex

Prezentare: Cornish Rex cats are very affectionate and love people. Aceeste cats kittens always remain - are very active and very inventive, devised new games each time. Among the few races who accept and even enjoy the crowd, Cornish Rex cats live intensely and exhibitions feline fun adventure.

Correction of improper behavior of pet birds

Prezentare: If you do not treat them to be, pet birds can become quite destructive or can injure us. Instincts and inherent nature wildlife birds can behave inappropriately in what concerns the owner. Addressing these issues of bird behavior can be quite demanding for the owner, given that winged friend is a highly social animal and emotionally sensitive.

Rules of Discipline "bird"

Even if your bird will sometimes behave in a way that will disturb or even angry at its height, it is important to remember this rule when reacting to inadequate actions winged friend:

- Never hit a bird

Depression in pet birds

Prezentare: A bird can become depressed and this situation happens more often than you might think. Depression in birds can have several causes: change in cage position, illness, death cage partner, simple boredom or loss of favorite toys. It is very important to report changes that occur with depression and to identify the source of this state to bring joy winged friend.

Symptoms of depression in birds include: plumage is unkempt, loss of appetite, changes in consistency seats. Also, a bird can be very irritable or depressed will pluck feathers. If you notice any of these symptoms

Depression in pet birds

Prezentare: A bird can become depressed and this situation happens more often than you might think. Depression in birds can have several causes: change in cage position, illness, death cage partner, simple boredom or loss of favorite toys. It is very important to report changes that occur with depression and to identify the source of this state to bring joy winged friend.

Symptoms of depression in birds include: plumage is unkempt, loss of appetite, changes in consistency seats. Also, a bird can be very irritable or depressed will pluck feathers. If you notice any of these symptoms

Devon Rex Cat

Prezentare: Devon Rex breed has appeared in England in the 70s in the county town of Devon Buckfastleigh. It is said that Miss Cox appeared at the door one day a cat looking "odd" that was pregnant. Mrs. Cox took this cat in her house and after birth, there was little surprise when he saw one young cat who inherited his mother was one: have the same huge ears, curly hair and short muzzle. 10 years after birth had Cornish Rex breed, and Mrs. Cox thought that has to do with a new copy of this race, although this kitten out curly hair does not respect the other criteria of race.

Diarrhea in parakeets - causes and treatments

Prezentare: The immune system of a budgerigar is very weak. Being a small bird, any infection can be fatal for parakeets. Diarrhea, for parakeets, is not itself a disease but a symptom of emerging diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi intestinal riniciilor diseases, poisoning, etc.. From healthy birds, the droppings were separated from the white black (the bladder). If the budgerigar has two parts are mixed diarrhea and bird refuses to eat. Diarrhea treatment is usually with my boiled rice boiled or chamomile tea or peppermint. Another great treatment is the antidiarrhoeal and antibacterial ramur

Disciplining cats

Prezentare: Even if an owner responsible for the cat will try to repair the deviant behavior of the animal or pet, there are quite a few cases in which discipline is imposed by cat suffer wrongly and unnecessarily. Almost all cats are animals' well-bred "and rarely inappropriate behavior (in other situations than in trying to signal a serious problem). For example, a cat will not urinate in your bed because of your "upset her" and will not scratch the legs of a chair is just as stubborn. It is essential that the source of cat behavior problems to be identified and further measures to rect

Fleas in cats

Prezentare: At least once in life, every cat is infected easily or massive flea. Whether it was visited by another animal infected or had access to outside, or that infection occurred from other causes, the situation itself is extremely unpleasant for both the owner and the cat and requires urgent action.

There are over 2,000 species of fleas that can affect pets, the most common species Ctenocephalides felis felis is that part of the suborder Pulicidae and is specific to the cat, being different from Ctenocephalides canis (dog specific) and pulex irritans (human specific) . Both Ctenocephalides
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