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Ammonia poisoning of fish aquarium

Prezentare: If the aquarium fish are well cared for, health problems are rarely installed. But when fish get sick of tunc is essential to have some basic information about the symptoms and the measures to be taken, depending on condition. Treatment that is specific to each disease condition.

Ammonia poisoning is one of the most common causes of death, aquarium fish and occurs most often when installing a new aquarium. Fish can be poisoned with ammonia (NH3) and when they were added at the same time too many aquarium filter water when not working or there is sudden change in water conditions.


Prezentare: Pets are not much an unknown subject, besides animals "traditional" animal lovers began to grow in their own houses animals from more and different and more exotic chameleons are just one of many exotic animal breeds which can adapt to apartment life.

Chameleons are a species of reptile breeders and very much appreciated by "funny" in appearance - eyes that seem to rotate all the time, very long tongue compared to the trunk, fingers - we can say we have one more animals in the ability chameleon to change color. At first glance one may seem like a pet Camelon easy to grow, but the sit

Choosing a healthy reptile

Prezentare: Reptiles in the pet market are prone to stress and can become ill very quickly, especially if not cared for properly. When you hotararti to take home a snake, a turtle or a lizard, there are many aspects of reptile you need to track to ensure that adopted a healthy animal.

Begin by examining reptiles short evaluation of the entire body of the animal. Reptiles should have a muscular body and avoid animals that look very weak (see if the bones of the pelvis and tail are obvious) or have abnormal swelling in the legs. Snakes should have a round shape and well defined column vertebrates

Food for water turtles


Gold fish - Care

Prezentare: Golden Fish is one of the most common fish in the aquarium home, is a little over pretentius not require much space and can live a long time if well cared for (a lifespan of 10 years for a goldfish is not nothing unusual).

To have a favorable habitat you need: large enough aquarium, food, water filter, aerator, thermometer and accessories (plants, sand, shells, stones, etc..).

If you opt for a round tank (bowl) in the best gold fish are tidy, Lion Head, Bubble Eye, Black Moor. The other gold fish will feel much better in a larger, rectangular aquarium.

Gold fish be fed

Snake as a pet

Prezentare: Snakes are fascinating animals and, if approached properly, some pets can be quite safe. These reptiles have specific needs and should be kept only for people ready to understand and meet these needs. If you want a snake as a pet should get to know all the unique aspects of growth of such an animal and the species best suited to a novice owner.

First of all you have to realize that when you choose a snake as a pet, you take a long term commitment. Many snakes live over 20 years. Snakes are predators and should be fed accordingly. You will need to reserve some space in the freezer to

The signs of health problems in fish tank

Prezentare: Accurate diagnosis of a disease over based solely on behavioral or physical changes of the animal is impossible. However, there are "clinical signs" that may be useful in identifying possible problems. Most of these symptoms are caused by several diseases and therefore thorough examination and medical tests are essential in formulating an accurate diagnosis. The following is a list of some symptoms and health problems that may indicate.

Many aquarium fish die in a short time without any signs of any disease. Fish that survive are floating on the surface or the bottom of the aquarium


Prezentare: Tritons look like small lizards are terrestrial aquaculture. Here are some details on Triton, as you can grow and other useful information about them. It can grow in all species of newts acvaterarii, but it is recommended to "experience" first only "Triturus cristatus" (Triton with crest) and "Triturus vulgaris" (Triton water) because they are more "docile", more resistant and easier to maintain.

With crest newt (Triturus cristatus)

Has a length of 10-18 cm, the body it is elongated, almost cylindrical, the tail is flattened laterally and has a sharp tip. The skin of the body

Turtles diseases - causes and prevention

Prezentare: Diseases turtles - causes and prevention

The causes are multiple diseases turtles, generally caused by:

Parasitic organisms:
scourge, nematodes (worms), or cilia, ectoparasites (ticks)
Bacterial organisms:
organsime a wide variety of gram-negative, highly resistant to antibiotics and is easily transmitted and can cause death of the entire group
Viral organisms:
is found very difficult, it is difficult trateza, and spread easily from one sample to another
Microplasmatice bodies.
Measures to prevent

The simplest method of prevention i

Water turtles and land

Prezentare: Turtles Animal Characters decorative home, but not very easy to maintain, because they are demanding in terms of space for them, the water temperature (if water turtles, as they meet most often in pet shops in Romania), food and ambient temperature. In this article we will deal mainly of water turtles.

Something about turtles in general: no teeth, instead edges are extremely sharp nails, shell is composed of overlapping bony plates and which in time have solidified, they are cold blooded animals, unable to regulate their own temperature body and therefore need to heat living environm

Xiphophorus Heller (Xifo, Xipho), aquarium fish with sword-shaped tail

Prezentare: Xiphophorus Heller (Xifo, Xipho), fish aquarium with sword-shaped tail is part of the family Poeciliidae, order Cyprinodontiforme, Poecilia reticulata as (Guppy), Molienisia sphenops (Molly) and Xiphophorus maculatus (Platy) and is unpretentious, extremely versatile and durable, very suitable for beginner aquarists. Because of varied colors existing in the species and hybrids his is a more decorative and xipho because friendly temperament can be easily joined to other species (but be careful, not all) in the same aquarium.

Originally from northern and central South Amer
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