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Guinea pig food

Prezentare: Guinea pig (pig / guinea pig) is a herbivorous mammal that is doing very well in its natural environment and is able to procure food easily favorite - stems, roots, green plants or dried leaves and seeds as well. Therefore, in captivity is very convenient to feed. However, the guinea piglet to be healthy, the way you feed must conform to some basic rules:

Guinea pigs drink water!
Guinea pigs should always toceasca his front teeth (incisors)
Guinea pigs need a sufficient amount of vitamin C
Guinea pigs need food variety
Water and guinea pigs


Guinea pig's language

Prezentare: Porcusorul de Guineea comunica in permanenta cu stapanul prin limbajul trupului si prin sunete. Pentru a putea sa intelegeti mai bine ce-si doreste prietenul rozator, este util de stiut ce incearca sa transmita.

Limbajul trupului

Semnale pozitive:

Daca porcusorul sare ridicand picioarele din spate si scutura din cap ("pop corn"), atunci el este foarte fericit si vesel.
Cand rontaie barele custii, inseamna ca vrea sa iasa la plimbare sau ii este foame.
Daca se da cativa pasi inapoi, se opreste si ridica capul - atentie! - urmeaza sa urineze.
Cand isi misca

Hamster Care

Prezentare: Care is very important when it comes to pet welfare. Small animals such as hamsters, must get used to be kept in hand and groomed from an early age. It is best to start with short bursts of care and to increase the duration gradually until the animal will be quiet when you brush. This is a good opportunity to check if your child has various skin problems like swelling or irritation. You can also inspect the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, paws and nails animal when it will sit still in your hands.

You must ensure that no pet discomfort when challenged him to control teeth or long nails. If

Hamsters that bite

Prezentare: Hamsters are not used to reach the people (and this includes and many copies are sold in pet stores) will bite if someone tries to take in hand. When you are dealing with these hamsters, remember that the rodent tries to bite just because he is afraid. Unfortunately, they see people as a threat and tries to defend. Under no circumstances should you believe your pet has an aggressive temperament.

The key to handling a hamster that bites is patience. Hamster must gain the trust and this process may take a while (in some cases even a month or more). Some hamster owners may

Mistakes made by guinea pig owners

Prezentare: Many people think that guinea pigs are very easy to care for animals and does not require much attention. This assumption is not exactly accurate. Indeed, mice are easy to maintain but only if you have the information needed to make the right choices. For example, if you want a pet that does not require too much care, you should buy one with short hair. Long-haired guinea pigs need more because brushing their hair can tangle easily.

A pet should be a joy for the owner, not something requiring unexpectedly master patience and financial resources. A responsible owner must

The importance of vitamin C in guinea pigs diet

Prezentare: Guinea pigs, like man, do not synthesize vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the body. It is therefore very important that vitamin C in sufficient quantity to find guinea piglet diets because this vitamin deficiency causes scurvy appearance and, where avitaminosis is severe, can even cause death.

The dose of vitamin C recommended for guinea pigs: 1 gram of vitamin C per kilogram of food, or 10 mg vitamin C / day. If you have a pregnant female, is double the recommended daily dose.

What does a hamster eat?

Prezentare: Hamster is a rodent that usually do not fuss about food, is, in fact, omnivorous - apart from special food for hamsters found in pet shops, provided you ensure that one fifth of the daily ration be composed of foods rich in protein, can enrich your hamster daily menu with almost any vegetable or animal food:

Vegetables: carrots, lettuce, parsley (rich in vitamin C), beans, peas, corn;
FRUIT: bananas, apples, walnuts, apricots;
Meat: chicken (chicken, turkey) - boiled, not fried;
Other foods: boiled rice, boiled egg, pasta, bread dry.
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