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Produse cu eticheta: "water turtles"

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Turtles diseases - causes and prevention

Prezentare: Diseases turtles - causes and prevention

The causes are multiple diseases turtles, generally caused by:

Parasitic organisms:
scourge, nematodes (worms), or cilia, ectoparasites (ticks)
Bacterial organisms:
organsime a wide variety of gram-negative, highly resistant to antibiotics and is easily transmitted and can cause death of the entire group
Viral organisms:
is found very difficult, it is difficult trateza, and spread easily from one sample to another
Microplasmatice bodies.
Measures to prevent

The simplest method of prevention i

Water turtles and land

Prezentare: Turtles Animal Characters decorative home, but not very easy to maintain, because they are demanding in terms of space for them, the water temperature (if water turtles, as they meet most often in pet shops in Romania), food and ambient temperature. In this article we will deal mainly of water turtles.

Something about turtles in general: no teeth, instead edges are extremely sharp nails, shell is composed of overlapping bony plates and which in time have solidified, they are cold blooded animals, unable to regulate their own temperature body and therefore need to heat living environm
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