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Food for water turtles

Turtles are reptiles (or "chelonieni"). Being cold-blooded animals depend on heat environment for the normal metabolic processes.

Most turtles are carnivorous water, the land - herbivores, but their culinary preferences are quite mixed, chelonienilor group is considered omnivorous.

Water turtles can digest food only if the environment is the right temperature - approx. 20 to 24 ° C. If the water is too warm, the test will breathe hard, with mouth open. If the water is too cold, the animal will move slowly, the body will seem stiff.

A balanced food for water turtles should contain 3 / 4 meat and 1 / 4 vegetable matter.

Meat (fish, beef or chicken) should be shredded or cut into thin strips, so that the turtle to swallow. Vegetables (tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, etc..) Finely chop.

Warning: - water in which turtles are to be deep enough that animals to be able to dive head - otherwise I can not swallow food!