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Water turtles and land


Turtles Animal Characters decorative home, but not very easy to maintain, because they are demanding in terms of space for them, the water temperature (if water turtles, as they meet most often in pet shops in Romania), food and ambient temperature. In this article we will deal mainly of water turtles.

Something about turtles in general: no teeth, instead edges are extremely sharp nails, shell is composed of overlapping bony plates and which in time have solidified, they are cold blooded animals, unable to regulate their own temperature body and therefore need to heat living environment.

The major difference between frogs and turtles turtles land of water is that the former are mainly herbivorous, while their sisters are carnivorous water. This does not mean they do not deviate at all from the feeding of meat, vegetable repectiv.

The water turtles, the food must be made ​​in 75% crushed or minced meat (some breeders even use canned dog food), etc. over chopped., And the remaining 25% of plants such as tomatoes , chopped spinach, lettuce.

Some very important aspects of water turtles:


  • temperature of the life must be between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius;
  • If the temperature is not optimal, testosele can not eat and digest food;
  • If a turtle she is too hot, then she stands with open mouth, surface water, and if he is cold, her movements are slowed down, rigid. If water temperature is optimal turtle will move faster, react quickly to any noise or disturbance of the water.
  • turtle aquarium water should be deep enough for it to submerge his head in water and thus can swallow food.
"House" of water turtles must meet several conditions:

  • to be an aquarium large enough to be fitted with a dry place where they can get out of the water Rating: (these "tanks" are actually called "acvaterarii" because they are composed of two different areas - the water and the "dry");
  • the tank must be installed also a source of light (a lamp, for example), to be left on for about 8-10 hours a day, helping to maintain a relatively high temperature in the aquarium and turtle to warm when resting ;
  • water tank must have sufficient depth so that the turtle to submerge completely, but when he wants to be able to head out of the water to breathe;
  • tank must be installed in two thermometers: one scufindat, indicating temperature and one above water level, indicating the air temperature in the aquarium, near the water surface;
  • in the room where we keep turtle, aquarium should be placed in the place where the temperature variations and air currents are the lowest, practically most protected place in the room.

These concepts are very general and can help make your home perfect idea for a water turtle, soon we will come back with full details about arranging a suitable growth acvaterariu water turtles.