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Gold fish - Care


Golden Fish is one of the most common fish in the aquarium home, is a little over pretentius not require much space and can live a long time if well cared for (a lifespan of 10 years for a goldfish is not nothing unusual).

To have a favorable habitat you need: large enough aquarium, food, water filter, aerator, thermometer and accessories (plants, sand, shells, stones, etc..).

If you opt for a round tank (bowl) in the best gold fish are tidy, Lion Head, Bubble Eye, Black Moor. The other gold fish will feel much better in a larger, rectangular aquarium.

Gold fish be fed at least twice a day, all food should be eaten in 5-10 minutes, if the surface water remaining leftovers then it means that you have provided more food than they need so reduce portions, food neangurgitata simply will not pollute and dirty water thereby reducing the fishes living space comfort and making the tank cleaning operation more difficult. Species of fish do not eat all the food at the same time, make sure that food purchased your fish to be recommended, but this food provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein.

Water filter is not an essential product for an aquarium with gold fish, he does indeed tank cleaning operation easier, but if these fish to clean water is enough to remove half of the existing water and to replace it with clean water.

Aerator is also an optional accessory, gold fish are so lively and swim more natural water cycle is done.

But plants are mandatory accessories, in addition to decorating the fish tank is beneficial.



When the tank should be cleaned to remove all the water needed from him and all the plants, (and they can be replaced with new ones from time to time). During the clean aquarium fish do not need a large space to be moved. When you need to and wash water tank to change not only take care that products used for washing, hot water and salt are sufficient, but if you want to make sure you use detergents are not some special detergents and household cleaning aquariums, however rinse well an aquarium will stay cleaner particles or substances contained therein which can harm fish, fragrances in detergents are also harmful. Fish will be placed in just the past acavriu after plants, stones etc..

Water used in the aquarium make sure you have a low chlorine concentrate, including water purification methods are boiling and filling them with boiling water acavriului after it cools or the use of special water purification tablets, tablets that would have to find in stores.

To better understand the behavior of gold Fish spend every day, even a few minutes in front of the aquarium, golden fishes are very lively and offers the viewer a real show and if we think and they are considered as good luck would surely be that every home to have even a small fish bowl with 3-4 if such a real aquarium.