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Ownership of reptiles as pets involves knowledge of lesser-known aspects of these exotic animals. Pet lovers are no longer limited to dogs and cats and the number of exotic animals kept in the house has increased considerably lately. New owners should be aware of the special needs of reptiles and should provide some new conditions of life "friends." Everything is different for reptiles, so we need a set of basic knowledge about caring for these animals. Articles in this section provides such a set of knowledge.


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Choosing a healthy reptile

Choosing a healthy reptile

Reptiles in the pet market are prone to stress and can become ill very quickly, especially if not cared for properly. When you hotararti to take home a snake, a turtle or a lizard, there are many aspects of reptile you need to track to ensure that adopted a healthy animal.

Begin by examining reptiles short evaluation of the entire body of the animal. Reptiles should have a muscular body and avoid animals that look very weak (see if the bones of the pelvis and tail are obvious) or have abnormal swelling in the legs. Snakes should have a round shape and well defined column vertebrates
Snake as a pet

Snake as a pet

Snakes are fascinating animals and, if approached properly, some pets can be quite safe. These reptiles have specific needs and should be kept only for people ready to understand and meet these needs. If you want a snake as a pet should get to know all the unique aspects of growth of such an animal and the species best suited to a novice owner.

First of all you have to realize that when you choose a snake as a pet, you take a long term commitment. Many snakes live over 20 years. Snakes are predators and should be fed accordingly. You will need to reserve some space in the freezer to