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Pets are not much an unknown subject, besides animals "traditional" animal lovers began to grow in their own houses animals from more and different and more exotic chameleons are just one of many exotic animal breeds which can adapt to apartment life.

Chameleons are a species of reptile breeders and very much appreciated by "funny" in appearance - eyes that seem to rotate all the time, very long tongue compared to the trunk, fingers - we can say we have one more animals in the ability chameleon to change color. At first glance one may seem like a pet Camelon easy to grow, but the situation does not sit quite so, for the raising and care of a chameleon in good condition need some knowledge about his care in captivity, knowledge about: choosing particular host, food, health.

Certainly not convenient animals for a person without leisure or for children (do not understand they can not be left around children, can not be left in their permanent grjia).


If you decide to adopt a chameleon then make sure you can document all aspects relating to care and if they are not produced in proper conditions, the animal will not survive.

Each species of chameleon has other rules of food and care, survive at different temperatures and eat different foods. Make sure that you want the animal is born in captivity, so it will easily adapt to the environment.

In terms of medical professionals should be noted that there are not many veterinarians who can provide any information about the chameleon, all your care and pregnancy remains to seek as many materials. When a chameleon is sick, his chances of recovery are quite low, the species is a problem - but the good news is you do not get sick very easily. A chameleon will be healthier if raised in an environment and, importantly, are sensitive animals whose health has suffered from stress.

To prevent any health problem, learning his behavior from the early days of when you take care of, if they lose their appetite or apathetic, even for one day, not wait, call your doctor or any other source needed to fix the problem.

The first signs that a chameleon is sick are those relating to food, which they ignore.

Water is a vital element in the life of a chameleon, a day without water intake can cause severe dehydration.

If you find difficulty in moving can be a nutritional problem but also can be a problem with the bone structure or temperature (too low).


Living conditions

Chameleons are animals in their natural environment, living in trees and shrubs. If you can not assure the necessary space for housing, better will focus on the acquisition of another animal. Given that chameleon has no available space and facilities to living, his health will degrade visible, will be very apathetic and also very stressed.

To arrange home you need green plants, some tall - for climbing, others low, you can use artificial turf or sand to the bottom of the cage, so as not to ingest pieces of sand or stones, food must be put in special vessels . All should be restricted so that dog will not "walk away" the house and not find him. Ventilation is also an important issue.

Chameleon needs a constant temperature and a light source, for this you can use a lamp above the cage, light body helps to thermoregulation.


Chameleons in the wild, they feed on insects live and so will feed in captivity. Variety is essential in the diet of a chameleon, unfortunately offer food for chameleons in stores is limited and expensive. If you think you can "hunt" insects of green spaces around the house, remember that vegetation is treated with pesticides and insects that winter is not easy to find.

Vitamins are absolutely necessary, without them, will soon be problems of nutrition which will inevitably lead to other health problems.

Regarding the water system is required to move water, chameleons do not like stagnant water.

As mentioned before, the growth of a chameleon is not an easy task but it should not descurajezee animal lovers - through perseverance and by allocating a large enough time to spend in the company of animals and the accumulation of information, any exotic animal lover can have a perfectly healthy chameleon.