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Brown Bear

Brown Bear, whose scientific name is Ursus arctos , is prevalent in much of Eurasia and North America. Although the number of brown bears has declined greatly, in some areas even completely disappeared, the animal still found in significant effects in Russia, USA, Canada and Scandinavia. The brown bear is omnivorous, with the main food sources of fish and roots of various plants. It also feeds on small mammals longer and occasionally hunt and larger animals such as deer. In the struggle for food, a brown bear mature can handle a confrontation with packs of wolves or big cats. Were identified over 15 variations of brown bear, totaling nearly 200,000 copies. The most common brown bear subspecies is \"common\" ( Ursus arctos arctos ), present mainly in Eastern Europe. Russia holds 120,000 brown bears, while the Carpathian Mountains are the second habitat, the number in Europe with approximately 5,000 copies. In France and Spain, brown bears are endangered in the British Isles and the animal is extended.