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Red Wolf

Another species of wolf, gray wolf different - common - the red wolf . Red wolf lives only in Pennsylvania and Central Texas.

The number of red wolves in the wild are very small; by crestrea wolves try to save species in reserves and increase their number. This test is quite difficult for red wolves need a large space, between 10 - 100 km square, to live and hunt.

Red wolf lives in small groups, unlike the white wolf, which lives in large packs, red wolf lives in group "family" consisting of male and female plus offspring. Female chooses the male once in life and chickens are raised by both parents equally.
A pair of red wolves give birth to 2-4 puppies once a year, they stay with parents about 6 months, we learn to hunt and defend themselves from potential predators.
Prefer to feed on raccoons and deer but in their absence than hunting any other animal.

Besides hunting for the fur of red wolves, another reason why their number has declined is that much of her mate with coyotes, so breed-specific traits gradually diminish.
The population of red wolves in existence today is reduced to 300 copies in captivity and several hundred in freedom.

Specific features:
The color goes from black to gray brick.
As stature is smaller than a gray wolf, but larger than a coyote.
The weight varies between 18 kg - 36 kg, male and female.