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Wolves are one of the few species that are found throughout the world, wolves live in Romania Wolves are part of Europeans.

Wolves live in packs, well organized, led by a male - alpha leader.

Each pack lives on unteritoriu well defined but, to hunt, often go through long distances in search of prey. Can kill animals up to 10 times greater than its weight and size, and animals are carnivorous by definition very strong; caprioarelesi elanii (in regions where they live) are their favorite food. European wolves and animals eat much less than they like mice or rats, because of declining numbers of wild animals began to hunt domestic animals located near forests - horses, cattle, even dogs.

The wolves mating period occurs in the first months of the year, January to March, the gestation period lasts seven weeks, puppies are born alive, in a specially designed litter away from the eyes of other animals of prey found in the woods. Responsible for chickens and the mother is the head of the pack (alpha leader) which, in this period, hunting alone prey is brought to the nest by the father wolf or around, crawling, or broken into small pieces in his own stomach - to safely transport food to chicken, a wolf swallows and then regurgitates, semidigerata upon arrival in the nest.

Like most wild animals, with the economic development of the world, and wolves have been affected, few countries in Europe also has a large number of wild wolves and they can be found only in mountain regions, far from civilization and rifles poachers. Worldwide there are few organizations that fight to save the species, efforts in this regard are generally local.

With the decrease in the number of wild animals that naturally constiutie food habits of wolves and with the advent of domestic animals to hunt, came a new phenomenon - wolves mating with dogs are in farms or farms on which they prey, their offspring can hardly be distinguished from dogs. Danger is borrowed from the wolf instincts can be dangerous for both people and animals, even if they are raised by humans.

In European countries there are laws that prohibit hunting of wolves, only if they attack farms at sea forest law does not prohibit their killing, in order to avoid reducing the number of these animals so low that protects wolves organizations prefer to compensate farmers for lost animals and save as wolves.

Although laws in this regard are drastic, poaching is still a problem especially as wolf fur coat is a valuable and desired by many people for their own use and the other to receive a source of income.