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Chinchillas can live in the same house with a cat?


In most of the cases the pets of different species living under one roof necuvantatoare relationship between these depends very much on each individual character . It is always important to have and an emergency plan in case things get out of control. chinchilele cats and can coexist in peace if there is a series of favorable conditions . If you already have a cat, you should consider cat personality.

Many people have cats and Chincha while, but these situations are ideal only if your cat is very quiet and does not care very much by this rodents. If you have a chinchilla and adopted a cat from hunting instincts cat tested. This can be done easily with a toy.

The cat certainly will pay attention but if the cat will "attack" energetic toy and try to eat it, then it is clear that the two pets in your home should stay as separate. If your cat is an active hunter , buy a chinchilla may be a choice to regret. Even when the chinchilla is in the cage, a cat can terrorize determined rodent cage through the bars intingand labutza or just watching the chinchilla long.

After all, rodents and a cat chinchilele are a very active sense of hunters will find your chinchilla out of reach prey. If your cat is relaxed and does not care too much for hunting, then chances are that feline and rodent to ignore chinchilla will eventually get used to this cat.



Most important is to observe the behavior near the cage chinchilla cat (or any rodents) in the first days after purchase baby pet. You must make sure the cat does not intend to hunt chinchilla, one of the most obvious clues are exaggerated attention that cat would give a rodents. When the chinchilla is outside the cage, the cat should be taken to another room or related (at least the first "meeting").

Even in the most calm and relaxed cat never left unattended outside chinchilla cage. Of course, if you have enough space and time can do so that cat and chinchilla to be kept separate to avoid any unpleasant situation.