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You're still thinking to choose a pet and do not know what decision to take? Why not grow a gerbil?

What are gerbils? Rating: This is a small and easy to maintain, which is part of the rodent family. As to make them a more precise description, we say that is slightly smaller than a regular mouse is "fluffy", basically a gerbil is more a lively flock of blanitza with eyes.

"Housing" gerbils may well be an aquarium (medium size), which put a thick litter (about 5 cm) of sawdust, straw, hay, shredded paper etc..

It is better not to have only one gerbil, because they are social animals and do not feel good when they're alone, no matter how much attention you give them. It is best to have two males (which is already know, possibly brothers, take both together, otherwise keep their territory and can be very aggressive front one another).

As you can offer special food food (seeds and other mixes already prepared), and the supplements you can give fresh vegetables and occasionally insect larvae. It is recommended that seed mixes to be left in the cage until they are eaten entirely, or else Rating: - which also can be very picky - will choose only certain types of seeds and the result will be a shortage of protein difficult to repair.

So do not get "tricked / a" - your gerbils will eat everything, but it has a "preference" and what does not particularly like to leave behind.


Water is important! Must be placed in a special container (such as one for hamsters and guinea pigs and). Water should be changed daily. Do not believe the well-wishers who said that gerbils do not drink water - this is totally untrue and if you believe them, you can hurt your Rating:, it will be necessary to take water from the diet - this would not be very difficult to achieve if his food would be made ​​only from fresh vegetables and juicy somewhat, but generally mixes are dehydrated and therefore does not cover the daily requirement of water!

It is quite easy to keep clean your gerbillului cage. Do not make too much mess - a "general cleaning" once a week is sufficient.

Healthy gerbils is lively, like all rodents - so love playing. So buy them or make them non-toxic toys - the paper indicated are "natural" (not newsprint! Is printed inks are toxic to gerbil!) Or vegetable peels and stems dry .