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Gerbils - prenatal and birth

Before you decide whether to breed gerbils family or not, think that they, like all rodents, can give rise to a large number of chickens that at some point you have to give it, of course the do not want to have a loft of gerbils. After you have exhausted the list of friends and acquaintances who would like a pet, consider and leads to a variant of the pet shop, study, shop first and see how other animals are cared for - not all stores of this kind are conducted of known or animal lovers.

Female and male should be placed in the same cage at an early age, 6-8 weeks, because adults tend to beat each other if not known.

Gender difference is easily observed even by an unknown, first, the distance between urinary and anal canal is higher in males than in females, males still having a "bump" under the tail - this is the scrotum, in females it is absent. Gender differences can be observed from the age of 3 weeks, but are best seen after 6-7 weeks.

Most gerbils are sexually mature from the age of 3 months. If a female mated with a male young older, it can give birth to offspring sooner than if it had been mated with a male her age. Some pairs of gerbils multiply quickly, others may take a little more, in some cases even a year to put first.

Once it has reached the age of sexual maturity, mating periods were a short distance between them, 4-6 days, the female, as with other rodents, and can get pregnant immediately after birth.

During breeding gerbils is very small if compared with other animals throughout her life have only 18 months of infertility, some couples may give rise to several "series" Chicken, others reproduce only once. The female may become less fertile over time and may put smaller, less developed, as it ages.

The gestation period usually lasts between 21 and 25 days, but may be extended up to 43 days if the female is still nursing the previous series of chicken. Not much you as you know if gerbils is pregnant than a few days before birth. Puppies are born hairless, blind and totally dependent on their parents. On average the female gives birth to 5-6 puppies, but any number of puppies between 3 and 9 normal.

Gerbils, in terms of birth, is a low maintenance pet, do not raise particular problems at birth, birth usually occurs in the early morning hours, labor can take several hours. Occasions in which labor is not carried out under normal conditions are very rare. If this happens, however, immediate intervention is required because the doctor without his help, the female will die. As I said, these episodes are very rare bad - all you have to do during a normal birth mother is to assure a substantial amount of food and fresh water.

If other male rodents must be isolated from the mother and baby, if it is not necessary if gerbils to do this unless you want to stop procreation. The male plays an active role in raising chickens, it helps to clean and warm pups mother, if I separated soon after birth, place it later in the nest can be difficult because there is the possibility that females do not accept it.

If you do not want another baby then it is better to separate male female, as gerbils is a social animal, do not leave alone in the cage, as long as the pups are still with their parents can put in a cage sex chicks female with her ​​mother and another young male cage with his father. Another option would be male castration, this operation has no side effects.