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The behavior of gerbils


Many owners of this animal is astonishing when only after a day cage and toys cage are numerous. It seems that gerbils can not live without something to chew daily, so be sure to leave them always handy things that you can off, pieces of wood are very good and they are not expensive - it is better to fruit of these pieces of wood than to purchase or buy a cage every few days.

To avoid changing the cage more often opt for a metal, as the rabbit, or an aquarium. Gerbils off first because it is an instinct innate in the second row is a way to draw attention to master. If you let too much time alone in the cage and do not mess with him, especially if the cage is small, the boredom and the desire of attention is paid off everything you can off around him. It is his way of saying: "Let me out of the cage!", "I bore myself!" Or even "I'm hungry." To get attention because he is thirsty gerbil cage or glass aquarium lick bars.

Another "fun" of gerbils is to dig, not if you find sawdust impacinetati who should sit in the cage in different part - that is, besides the cage. From studies on this small rodent, it seems that this behavior is developing an early age and, once so common, can not be unlearned gerbils - even if you keep in an aquarium and remove all the sawdust, he still will try to dig and will scratch glass. Most favorite places are over cage or aquarium.

Gerbils is a great lover of sand baths so, so much fun to make and to busy "free" in the place where he spends most of the time furnished a portion of sand - but only very fine sand - gerbils is demanding in terms of sand. Sand baths helps to clean fur, keeping such a clean and bright and, according to experts, is sand baths and a body temperature control.

Because they are highly social animals is indicated to increase gerbils in pairs, alone is boring. If you study how sleep you will see that they do not like to sleep alone, no matter how big is her cage sleeping one glued to each other, The more, the more "nest" is higher.

As a parent, is very careful with young gerbils, the female makes his own nest, which keeps almost all young and if one of them leave the nest and found no way back, the mother brings in the nest in the mouth - just as do dogs and cats. From studies demonstrated that pups lost calls his mother with some very sharp cheep and ultrasound. If she believes that where you are young is not safe, it will build another nest and move them all at a time.