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Mistakes made by guinea pig owners


Many people think that guinea pigs are very easy to care for animals and does not require much attention. This assumption is not exactly accurate. Indeed, mice are easy to maintain but only if you have the information needed to make the right choices. For example, if you want a pet that does not require too much care, you should buy one with short hair. Long-haired guinea pigs need more because brushing their hair can tangle easily.

A pet should be a joy for the owner, not something requiring unexpectedly master patience and financial resources. A responsible owner must have as much information about caring for their pet. The following is a list of the most common mistakes of people who care for guinea pigs.

Buy a single guinea pig because it is cheaper and easier to maintain. Guinea pigs are very sociable animals and will be happy if you have at least one friend to keep them company. Results purchase several guinea pigs can be seen in several ways. On the one hand, your pet will never be alone and will not beg too much attention. On the other, as a guinea pig is happy, the more healthy. Health of the dog will find and you allocate budget for the guinea pig's medical care.

Do you think there are differences between males and females. In general male guinea pig are more active than females. The latter tend to be more docile and are recommended for families with young children.

Do you think that two guinea pigs can not live together because they will beat or two females will always understand. If you have two males, make sure that everyone can hide away somewhere and the cage must be large enough (320 square centimeters). However, it never put a female in the same cage with two males. This situation will inevitably lead to a fight between males. The beat will be hurt and probably always will feed after the dominant male. The best combination is the one male and one female and, if you do not want the appearance of many pigs, one of the rodents must be sterilized.

Not provide care at the same time each day. Guinea pigs are animals who prefer routine. These rodents are expected to be fed or brushed on a set schedule and respond well to stability. At the same rule and times are subject to cleaning the cage or play.