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What does a hamster eat?


Hamster is a rodent that usually do not fuss about food, is, in fact, omnivorous - apart from special food for hamsters found in pet shops, provided you ensure that one fifth of the daily ration be composed of foods rich in protein, can enrich your hamster daily menu with almost any vegetable or animal food:

Vegetables: carrots, lettuce, parsley (rich in vitamin C), beans, peas, corn;
FRUIT: bananas, apples, walnuts, apricots;
Meat: chicken (chicken, turkey) - boiled, not fried;
Other foods: boiled rice, boiled egg, pasta, bread dry.
IMPORTANT Avoid citrus fruits: lemons, oranges, grapefruit, etc.. Because, although vitamin C, are not healthy for the digestive system of the hamster!

For hamster food is good to use a small bowl or saucer - the amount of food a day enough for a hamster usually fit smoothly into a spoon - do not put more than it needs, so that the result will be a hamster my village, but a dirty cage! In addition, hamsters were wont to make deposits that alter fast food (especially during summer) and can become a source of infection and even smells bad.

To determine the amount of food needed for your hamster one day fill the bowl and watch you eat it that day, the day you put in a bowl of food equivalent to the amount consumed the previous day.

Special food for hamsters, found in pet shops, is dry, can be left in the bowl during the day because not alter, but if you give food to be altered (cooked meat, eggs, etc..) Or that fades may lose their nutrient content (plant) is well portioned into small pieces to feed and how can hamster eat again. The rest you can keep in a covered pot in the refrigerator, where it out, not very cold, with about half an hour before mealtime. Special food in trade is kept in a dry place away from direct sunlight in a tightly closed container.

VERY IMPORTANT! Hamsters drank water! In the absence of water, hamsters can take the amount of water needed in the diet but if food is mostly dry, hamsters rapidly dehydrates and dies.

It is good to have a container droppers that hang it on one of the walls of the cage, which hamster could drink habit. Water should be fresh, so change every day in summer water change is recommended to be done twice a day, morning and evening. Not recommended as bowls or other vessels can reverse hamster cage bedding and so wet and needs to be changed because, if left damp, mildew very quickly, especially during summer.