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Rabbit behavior and language


When rabbit lies on his belly and let the little head down

This is a behavior means that either relax, whether you recognize the authority.

Jumping and air invartelile

Jumps and topaiturile are signs of joy - something like "popcorn eala" guinea piglets. Because enthusiasm is very possible that the rabbit to jump so as to hit the mobile or wall, so owners should be careful.

When rabbit Bocan a leg or both legs

Bocanitul is danger signs, either odd or unusual sound heard, whether they saw a potential predator. It can also be a signal that something has not agreed.

When rabbit is in the second labutze

It means trying to unravel what happens - he heard a strange noise and wants to see what it

Sounds like some rabbit out mormaituri

Usually a signal is also attacked by aircraft - for example when playing with cardboard from toilet paper or when caught in a place and can not escape.

Mormaiturile can be a sign of affection, when the rabbit runs around you and mumbling easy means expressing affection - this event is called "dance of love".


When sounds thin rabbit-like screams

Screams means rabbit is extremely frightened or has a lot of pain. Bunnies were not taken in arms may never be manifested so high ground when for the first time.

Food for Thought

Bunny, in general, they do not like to be pet on her tummy, muzzle, near the mouth. Instead on staples like to be comforted. Max is a sign of pleasure when they are close Ochisorii while comforted.