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Rats as pets - General


Rat as a pet? You say that it is not possible! Yes, even you! Do not think the animals like rats just as disgusting and disease-bearing. Rats, domesticated, dewormed and raised in hygienic conditions are clean animals and do not spread disease. There are also excellent pets for both children and adults.

Rats are among the most intelligent rodents and, with a little patience, time and imagination can even be trained.

Home that I intended to be a rat bite and scratch resistance, because all fruits rat comes along and can be very tenacious and stubborn once it has set a goal - for example, is to escape the cage - so an aquarium would be most appropriate, because it has glass walls as you chew it. For "bedding" can successfully use large wood chips, paper torn, crushed or "fringe". To maintain cleanliness, bedding in the cage should be changed every week, and cage wash with hot water and soap or detergent.

Water should be changed daily and the container is advisable to use a special container provided with a drain tube (found in pet shops - are those used for hamsters and guinea pigs).

Like food, we recommend small amounts of bananas, salad, vegetables. From time to time, because it is pretentious and not too sensitive, can be fed with pasta, cereals and even popcorn.


And because he loves the movement and it is imperative to always have an occupation, it is advisable to have the toys of all kinds: large wheels to run and spin it, then run balls and so on. If you have time and imagination, you made ​​toys in the house, various boxes, scrap wood, etc..

And ... another thing! Next time you hear someone denigrate rats, remember this article and Tell them! Rats really do not deserve to have such a bad name - and those who grow up in the house as pets, I know we are right.